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Jan 30, 2010 10:06 PM

Great Pan American in Mamaroneck, Westchester NY

Roasted Peppers, a new restaurant in Mamaroneck Village bills itself as "Casual American Dining". What that name doesn't tell you is that the talented chefs recreate typical American fare, and we're talking the whole of America– including Latin and South America– with surprising flair.

Just six weeks new, Brothers Juan and Roberto Lepe had been executive chefs in New York for over 20 years. According to their website their roots are in Jalisco, Mexico. This is their first restaurant on their own, along with general manager, Ruben Ochos. If our experience is any indication, the restaurant will be a huge success.

Our meal started with guacamole, prepared to order at the table and served with tortilla chips and curlicues of thin plantain strips, perfectly crispy. We ordered the turkey burger with sun dried tomato pesto and pepper jack cheese. It came with sweet potato fries, lightly dredged in flour, creating a crunchy coat that yielded to the creamy potato interior. Day boat scallops from Nantucket, pan seared in a tart cherry balsamic glaze. This was served with roasted onion risotto dotted with sweet little squares of butternut squash. And last, the day's special, a risotto with perfectly cooked shellfish and chorizo. The rice was infused with a delicious sofrito, very flavorful.

When we first walked in, I thought this may be a chain restaurant, it had that look. But the space is saved by a large brick wall and some colorful vases, which brought to mind an upper West side neighborhood place. While the decor looks like it was done on the cheap, the talent, skill and experience of the chefs is evident in every dish. Next time I'm going to try the upscale take on Mac and Cheese: butter-poached lobster meat with orecchiette pasta, shiitake mushrooms, truffle cream and cheddar gratin. Diet be damned!

Roasted Peppers
320 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543. Phone: 914-341-1140

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  1. After reading this yesterday, I was reminded that I wanted to try Roasted Peppers, so we went last night. We ordered a soup and four appetizers for two of us, which was too much food, but it all sounded so good....and it was. The potato/cheddar cheese/bacon soup was fabulous. The table-made guac was maybe the best I've ever had. The lobster quesadillas were filled with very sweet bits of lobster. The roased peppers were very good, especially the goat cheese filled half. The pecan crusted chicken nuggets were good. Everything was served with creative presentations and relishes, etc. Service was friendly and prices reasonable. I would definitely go back. I hope they continue to do ok and that the fact that they were more than half empty at 8pm on Saturday was a fluke.

    Roasted Pepper Cafe
    345 Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

    1. We just tried Roasted Peppers for the first time on Xmas day and were happy to find it open. The food was indeed very good. The chef came out to see if we had enjoyed our meal -- although this was before any of it had arrived. Still, we did like to see a person step out from the kitchen to check -- wish more chefs would do that, but imagine they don't typically have the time. He was very attentive to and accommodating of special dietary requests. The wait service was friendly, but fairly clueless and slow -- we had 3 people when we didn't need help and none when we did. The restaurant was not crowded. The food is prepared with care and love -- we would definitely go back.

      1. I have been here before, and this was an excellent restaurant. Im not sure what happened this time. From the moment we walked in we saw what appears to be the manager going around tables but I would suggest that she dress a little more appropriately (felt like I was in a country diner). I remember that they used to have a different manager (Reuben) that knew what he was doing because he would go around and make sure everything was good, and he made excellent drinks too. The quality of the food had gone down considerably, service is slow because it took forever to get our food, and the worst thing is that no one came to us and apologized. I had the snapper tacos, and the entire dish was just cold. I didn't care for the sangria either, just doesn't taste the same. I might go back, but not anytime soon.