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Jan 30, 2010 08:33 PM

Can food processor mix dough / batter?


I am looking for a multi pourpose food processor. And one of the
task that I d like the food processor to be able to do is mixing batter and dough
like pound cake batter.

Which food processor will be able to do that ??

Thanks for the reommendation !

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  1. I don't make pound cake so I can't comment on suitability.

    I use my Cuisinart food processor (11 cup) for making pastrie dough for pie crusts and it works well. I tried making bread dough once and didn't like the results not to mention the cleanup issue. I use my Kitchenaid stand mixer for bread dough. If I had to choose between the Kitchenaid and the Cuisinart for baking purposes, I would choose the Kitchenaid mixer hands down.

    1. I wouldn't be fond of doing cake batter in a FP, just because it's a bit hard to scrape everything out around the blade and the central hole and all. Seems a bit tedious. It would work however. But a hand mixer doesn't take up much room in your kitchen and IMO is better suited for this task, as it's easy to scrape the bowl out into the pan. I also seem to recall reading that a FP does not aerate a batter as well as a mixer.

      1. I mix cake batters all the time in my Cuisinart, from cakes and cookies to brownies, muffins and bread. It works great. I have the Custom 14 cup. I use the metal blade. I find that putting the liquid ingredients in first and pulsing works best. Easy clean-up in the dishwasher.