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Where's your favorite fried seafood served in the Dallas area.

I'm addicted to the fried catfish, oysters and shrimp at Big Shucks on Mockingbird Avenue. Also, their tarter sauce is killer!
The fried catfish at Celebration isn't too shabby, either.

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  1. My favorite fried catfish can be found at Top Cat (my favorite now is the Lemmon location ever since the Forest one moved down the block). They also have fantastic, and cheap, gumbo.

    1. I enjoy Pappadeux's for fried soft shell crab and the venerable S&D Oyster Co for fried oysters and shrimp. I'm not a fan of fried fresh water fish so I'm out on the catfish.

      And as an added bonus, Pappadeux's now has oysters on the half shell for $3.95 a dozen.

      Flying Fish in Preston Center serves decent fried fish as well.

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        +1 to S&D's barely battered shrimp and oysters.

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          Pappadeaux's fresh oysters are, killer! And, soooo cheap! I also like S&Ds' fried seafood as well.

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            S&D is the greatest but I do loves me some Big Shucks.

          2. Try Sea Breeze in Plano. Everything is super fresh and really delicious. Not a fancy place, but they know how to do it right. Great fish and chips and wonderful clam chowder. Crab cakes are awesome too!

            1. I've never been to Sea Breeze but I've heard great things about them. Including that they are supposed to make an incredible lobster roll. Arguably, the best this side of Maine.

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                If that's true then the lobster roll is one highly overrated sandwich.

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                  Was at Sea Breeze fairly recently and ordered the lobster roll. The roll has shrunken and the price increased. It was simply ok, the roll was nice and buttery, but not sure I would order it again. More mayo laden than it needed to be. Perhaps another visit might prove differently.

                  Otherwise, some nice selections at Sea Breeze. Would still order fresh seafood for home use at TJ's. Better selection and better prices.

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                    Unfortunately, Sea breeze seems to have gone downhill somewhat over the last year.
                    The lobster roll is not at all what it used to be. Salads are good, though.

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                      I believe it is a highly overrated sandwich, luniz. My father on a recent trip to New England tried the lobster roll at Red's Eats in Wiscasset (supposedly the birthplace of the lobster roll) and again tried it at Seabreeze and thought it was practically the same. He said there just wasn't much to the sandwich and couldn't really see what the hype was all about.

                      I tried once in Las Vegas and again at Seabreeze. Lobster on buttered roll does not equal a great sandwich to me. Perhaps some bacon, lightly smoking the lobster, some kind of veggie paring? I don't know it just needs a kick!

                      Twinwillow, are you throwing say a Thai fried fish at Jasmine, Catfish flake salad at Bankok Orchid in Irving, Sichuan Fried Fish at Sichuanese in Plano, Fried Fish Masala at Al Markaz and tempura into this fried seafood category?

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                        Fried Catfish at Aw Shucks on Greenville.

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                          Also add in fried catfish at Saigon Block.

                          I have seen that fried fish platter at Inca's Cafe mentioned by irodguy and it's proportionally epic. If I remember the menu correctly, majority of the seafood entrees are fried. Looking forward to warmer temperatures and trying out their seabass ceviche too.

                          Gotten to try Otaru's tempura a few times lately and it's been consistently good. I usually go for the fresh sushi offerings but I'll sometimes be dining with a friend who goes for a bento so I've gotten to try it several times. Batter isn't dripping with grease and has a nice crispy texture.

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                          'Hounder, as the topic states, "where's your favorite fried seafood served in the Dallas area"? I'm open.
                          Btw, it was nice to see you and your beautiful better half again the other night.

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                            grrr... I don't get the good invites. Was hoping to meet the twin.

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                            Surprised no one has mentioned Hook, Line, and Sinker for cornmeal breaded fish. I personally prefer this style compared to flour. I like their whole fried catfish.

                            I also really enjoy Vietnamese whole fried fish (served with rice paper to make it into rolls, herbs, fish sauce, and hot sauce). Oishii in Dallas makes a good one - I believe they use red snapper - just ask for it "Vietnamese-style."

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                              I live very close to Hook, Line, and Sinker and eat there every so often. But what make me go to Big Shucks more often is their tarter sauce. It's much better than at HL&S.

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                          I had the lobster roll & wasn't wowed.

                          I like Aw Shucks, and in Fort Worth, Zeke's.

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                            I like the whole catfish at Shuck and Jive. Large and over hangs the basket.

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                              Zeke's is very good - even IF their tarter is mustard based - the fish and chips will easily stand on their own. Catfish is excellent also, although catfish is fresh water..... not (edible) seafood.

                              Wouldn't suggest Flying Fish in FW, but the Dallas (Preston/NW) loc is passable - so many better places though.

                          2. for something a little fancy, they have a great (according to my friend) fish and chips at The Porch on Henderson. Caveat, and why it's "fancy", is that they use halibut.

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                              I have to agree with you on the Fish and Chips at the Porch. Best in town.

                            2. Well, if DallasDude say's the lobster rolls at Sea Breeze are off, then I guess I can cross them off my list.
                              And, I loved the lobster rolls at Red's Eats in Wiscasset. Of course, I had been there before Red died and his daughter had taken over.

                              1. There is a little hole in the wall place on Webbs Chapel called "The Seafood Shack"-great fried catfsh and shrimp-amazing seasoning. Cheap, Cheap, and Great Food. They also have a drive-thru. It is next to "Two Guys from Italy". This place is not fancy but the food is amazing :)

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                                  I'm there every Monday for their fabulous $1.50 (special Monday price) shrimp tostadas. Their fried food looks great, too!

                                2. The best I have had lately is in a rather odd place Inca Cafe in Carrollton. The fried fish platter is $16 or $17 as I remember. It's enough for at least two people. There was everything from fired octopus to clams, to fish .... makes me hungry just thinking of it.

                                  1. I was able to attend the Nancy's D Magazine scallop challenge today at Chamberlain's, and I promised I wouldn't steal any thunder from that, but after the event the good Chef was kind to let us sample some other dishes. Specifically one fried halibut and fries. My freaking God it was the best fried fish I have ever encountered, as you might expect from this amazing chef. See the photo attached of the tender fish that was light, airy and wanting of nothing but to be eaten.

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                                      Mmmm, looks gorgeous--and I'm more of a fried shellfish person.

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                                        I agree DallasDude. I had dinner there a week ago and the fried seafood platters were delicious. I had the scallops and they were perfectly cooked. Ask for Andrew as your server and you won't be disappointed.

                                        Chamberlain's Fish Market Grill
                                        4525 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75001

                                        1. re: vacationmomma

                                          i concurr with Chamberlin's. It is really, really underrated. I'd say they have the best gumbo in town (brick red roux). We have been going there for the last 6 Christmas eves and it is tremendous. I can vouch for the the fried seafood platter also.

                                      2. Love the fried catfish and casual atmosphere at the Flying Fish in Addison


                                        Flying Fish
                                        5100 Belt Line Rd # 740, Dallas, TX

                                        1. I like the fried platter an Oceanaire seafood room. It's worth checking out. I also eat at the Addison Flying Fish about once a week. Nothin' wrong with that.

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                                            Love the fried seafood platter at Oceanaire! Or, anything at Oceanaire for that matter.

                                          2. I really like the whole fried catfish at Alligator Cafe, even though the girl at the counter seems a little grossed out when I order it, lol.

                                            1. I don't eat fried food much but I gotta say the coconut shrimp at Fishmongers in Plano ( Just behind The Big Easy) is really good. Everything on their menu is good. It is truly a hidden gem in Plano! Love their food.

                                              1. There is a little place in Carrollton at the intersection of Old Denton and Frankfor call Catfish House. No atmosphere but fantastic fried catfish, oysters and shrimp. I can't go to often because i can't stop eating the oysters. So good you might think your in New Orleans Who Dat

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                                                1. My favorite fried catfish is at Mama's Daughter's Diner. It's cornmeal breaded. It's best if you eat it fresh out of the fryer, so don't get it to go. They used to have catfish as lunch special on Friday's, but you don't want to get it then because it's pre-fried.

                                                  Favorite fried shrimp is at Pappadeaux's, though it seems they've been greasy the last several times ordered. I also like their tartar & cocktail sauces, but I don't think the shrimp needs them to taste good.

                                                  I haven't eaten at any of the places mentioned in this thread except Pappadeaux's.

                                                  Mama's Daughter's Diner
                                                  , Dallas, TX 75201

                                                  1. Fish (halibut) and chips from The Porch isn't half bad at all. Pretty potent dill sauce accompanies.

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                                                      I spent a considerable time at the Porch this weekend, and they also have a grilled halibut special going. Halibut is in full swing, and I think I remember Jon at TJ's telling me that halibut season is a bit early this year. Bonus.

                                                    2. How in the world has nobody mentioned Nate's? I hate to give away a secret, but...

                                                      If you like fried seafood, try their Fried & Stuffed Soft Shell Crab - absolutely amazing & out of this world!

                                                      1. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the wonderful “Queso Catfish” at Ozona’s Bar & Grill. Fried just right—hot, light and crisp on the outside, fresh and moist on the inside—theirs is a very tasty, tortilla-crusted catfish on chili con queso and pico de gallo. All the better when you enjoy it on their big, comfortable patio under the trees. (A truly superb chicken-fried steak is on the menu, as well.) At 4615 Greenville Avenue (on the right at Dyer St. heading south between Lover’s and Mockingbird).

                                                        1. Pappadeaux's is good; but for fried seafood "joints" I'd go with Top Cat on Lemmon, Catfish Connection in S. Dallas (Ewing I think), Hook Line & Sinker on McKinney. Aw Shucks, Shuck 'n Jive, and Big Shucks are decent.

                                                          Hook Line & Sinker
                                                          3103 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

                                                          Aw Shucks
                                                          3601 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

                                                          Big Shucks
                                                          6232 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75214

                                                          Catfish Connection
                                                          2464 W Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX 75233