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Where to find Asahi Beer

Cant find it anywhere.

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    1. LCBO on Spadina always has it.

      1. My local LCBO in Brampton stocks it. Tall cans.

        You can't buy it in bottles to my knowledge.. You gotta go to the area of the LCBO with all the different tall cans

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          The LCBO used to carry 6 packs of bottles.

        2. Thanks guys. I only asked because the ones ive been to never had it. So i assumed that the beer store would carry it and they dont aswell ... lol

          1. The LCBO website has an inventory search feature. Search for the product you want, then select your location from the dropdown. For example, there are currently 24 stores in Central Toronto that are carrying Asahi. Obviously the inventory is not always up-to-the-second but it's not bad.

            1. As the other posters have mentioned, it's pretty available at the LCBOs, and you can try a store search online to see if your closest store has it.

              I've also noticed it frequently on the drinks menus at sushi restos.

              The more exciting Asahi Black is a bit more elusive. Can't find it at the LCBO or even at Beers of the World in Rochester, where we usually stock up on our hard to find favorites. The only menu I've seen it on thusfar is Ame, which sells a standard bottle for $10...

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                Ame's drink menu is wayyy overpriced. Asahi Black is available at most good Japanese restaurants around town (although their stock is not consistent).

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                  That is great news!! Will have to peek through some old threads to find some good Japanese restos - have been stuck in the Annex sushi rut for too long!

              2. never heard of it...what country is it from?

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                1. Just picked up 4 cans yesterday from the LCBO in Heartland. They have it in the back in the beer section, nice and cold! My husband also gets it from the LCBO on Hurontario and Eglinton.

                  It's the only beer that my husband loves!