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Jan 30, 2010 07:05 PM

Any nice sports bars in NOVA?

Looking for a nice sports bar to go to somewhat regularly. At times I'd be going alone. Basically to eat and watch hockey games and where it's okay to sit there 1-2 hours after the meal to watch the game.

Hoping to find a place with great food, great service, and somewhere that isn't TOO loud with drunk people being obnoxious. Upscale is fine also.

Was at Greevey's some years back, not to impressed with staff.

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you.

(Lorton area is okay too)

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  1. Baileys in Ballston: Horrible service. (All baileys seem to share this trait)
    First down in Ballston: Ok local place. Food is mediocre at best for a sports bar.
    Baileys in Crystal City: (see above)
    Crystal City Pub: I haven't been here, but I have heard ok things bout it. It may be a place to check out.

    Those are all the sports bars I can think of at the moment.

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    1. re: sekelmaan

      Staff at Crystal City Sports Pub is great. A very friendly place. But a huge operation. You may have to compromise on looking for 'great' food. Specials are decent home cooking.

      Kilroy's has a good french dip sandwich. This place warrants more investigation, as long as you keep your expectations in check.

      1. re: Steve

        If Arlington is convenient for you, try Thirsty Bernie at N. Glebe and Lee Hwy. The food is much better than average for a sports bar, the service is fine, and it doesn't attract a super rowdy crowd. They have a nice selection of beers, especially if you're partial to German/Belgian styles. It's pretty small, so on football weekends, it can get packed quickly. One caveat if you're going to watch hockey: their video is via Direct TV, so as far as I know, they still don't show games on Versus.

      2. re: sekelmaan

        The Bailey's in Crystal City has much better service than the Bailey's in Ballston. It's not always stellar, but overall, much better. I like the CC Sports Pub very much as well. I don't think either place has superior food, but it'll do. If you're willing to go to Old Town there is Bugsy's, which is essentially a "hockey bar". They have really good pizza, i would not say the rest of the food is "great".

        1. re: MDoodle

          My office is across the street from the CC Bailey's and people I work with would rather walk down to Mackey's or the CC Sports Pub instead. Just sayin'.

          1. re: Henry Spencer

            As stated, enjoy the Sports Pub. Much more than Baileys. However, Mackey's is horrible. Food wise, and atmosphere. But, to each his own!

          2. re: MDoodle

            I second the Bugsy's suggestion. The ONLY true hockey bar in the area. Its owned by Bryan Watson, a former Cap. But bear in mind its truly a bar... I get tired of hearing foodies trash the place for not being gourmet enough or for not having high end customer service. ITS A BAR! And its a great little bar. Cheap and dark and Cheers-like. If you just want suds and decent enough pizza and a place to just sit and sip on a beer and watch hockey with no fear of them eyeing you after 25 minutes then this is the place.

        2. Velocity 5 in Courthouse area is a solid bar. Some of the best food you will find is at Thirtsy Bernies (corner of Glebe and Lee Hway). It is a small intimate operation. Service can be spotty, though. Summers in Courthouse has many TV's but food is so so. Skip Mister days in Clarendon. Food is pretty poor and can seem like a fraternity party.

          1. The half price steak on Monday nights at Mister Days in Arlington is a good deal. Also, it's a pretty quiet place to watch a game.

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            1. re: Steve

              Except games for MIZ. ZOU.

              Summers is the place for soccer (world cup coming up, just saying).

            2. Hard Times in Clarendon recently added an upstairs sports bar. They have a large bar where you could sit and watch games alone as well as tables and TVs all over the place. I watched one of the NFL playoff games there and it was packed and rowdy, but I imagine that things would be toned down for regular season hockey games. They sponsor bus trips to Caps games, so I'm sure they attract a hockey crowd.

              1. And American Flatbread has a TV at the bar that is normally playing games. Not a sports bar, but good food and not too loud and normally has seats open.

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                1. re: ktmoomau

                  Would they mind if you lingered for a few hours, though? To me, the key part of a sports bar is if you can watch an entire game while having a few drinks and noshing on a few apps without them getting annoyed.

                  1. re: sweth

                    I doubt they would mind at all. They are very low key, and the bar isn't normally all that busy, and people tend to linger.

                    I also used to watch March Madness games at the Capitol Grille Bar and they were great about that.