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Jan 30, 2010 06:51 PM

Madrid in March

Going to Madrid for a week on the company's dime. I know there is an awesome food scene, but really have no idea where to go.

We are tired of the fussy and pretentious, tired of food tat is over thought.

Where do we go for the best food, made with excellent ingredients, Spanish soul food ?

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  1. My favourite local restaurant is La Cazorla - it's on the corner of C/Maldonado and C/Castello┬┤ - 915627288. The food is Andaluza - mixed fried fish (very fresh), salads, meats, revueltos, mariscos. I take everyone who visits me here - it's never failed to please; rustic cooking very well done.
    It's very popular with the locals at both lunch and dinner. If you go - beware the portion size; any starter (racion) is intended to be shared - they are huge. I would add that this restaurant is extremely reasonably priced.