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restaurant near Basilique Sacre-Coeur

mclean Jan 30, 2010 05:42 PM

My husband is surprising our daughter with a trip to France for her 16th birthday in March. They will start with 2 nights in Monaco with lunch at Louis XV, then 2 nights in NIce with lunch at Chantecler and La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse, then on to Paris for 2 nights. I've requested dinner reservations at Au Bon Accueil for the first night (so she can see Tour Eiffel at night) and am looking for a restaurant near Basilique Sacre-Coeur for the second evening (my husband has fond memories of visiting the Basilique at night with his much older brother when he was a child and can't wait to do it again with his daughter). Any suggestions? We'd like to keep it under 50euro a piece that evening. Also, I was thinking of lunch at L'Avant Comptoir the first day--any thooughts (they will visit Musee de l'Orangie that first afternoon). My daughter has a fairly sophisticated palate for 16.

  1. toitoi Feb 4, 2010 09:40 AM

    A little more than a year ago, I had lunch at A la Pomponnette, 42, rue Lepic. Their marrow bone was delish.

    1. PhilD Feb 1, 2010 11:02 AM

      As Maximilien said in another thread L'Avant Comptoir is a stand-up tapas bar next door to the restaurant Le Comptoir du Relais. They are related but I suspect you would be more comfortable in the latter. I like it and think it is a good choice.

      It will be a nice easy stroll (30 mins) through the little streets of the left bank (this is the better less touristy end with lots of galleries), across to the Louvre, and then down through the Jardin desTuileries to the Musée de l'Orangerie.

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      1. re: PhilD
        John Talbott Feb 2, 2010 10:29 AM

        I've already posted on my blog the story of the perfect storm I ran into at L'Avant Comptoir - standing in the middle of a scrum of 15-20 Southwestern/FOY rugby nuts singing, shoving, eating. It was sort of fun.

        John talbott

        1. re: John Talbott
          PhilD Feb 2, 2010 11:25 AM

          It was the beret John, they thought you were basque and thus a kindred spirit in the big city.

      2. souphie Jan 31, 2010 11:04 AM

        Au Bon Accueil is not what it used to be (they changed the team, including the chef, a few weeks ago) and it's off my recommended list for now. You won't see the Eiffel tower from the restaurant, just from the street. And since you want to be by the tower and you have enough fine dining and sophisticated bistrots already, I'm voting for Au Dernier Métro.

        Not being a Rose fan and not having been to Table d'Eugène yet, I don't second Table 28 or Eugène. But I am a fan of Wally le Saharien -- and I'm sure that will be a change from all the other things you have planned.

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        1. re: souphie
          mclean Jan 31, 2010 11:17 AM

          I was hoping you'd respond, Souphie, so thank you. I knew they couldn't see the Eiffel Tower from the restaurant, but it's in the area. I'll check out Au Demier Metro. Any thoughts on Le Cafe Que Parle?

          1. re: mclean
            schtroumpfette Feb 1, 2010 08:27 AM

            I'm not Souphie but Parigi's and JT's rec for Le Cafe qui Parle is an excellent one. The food I had last Saturday was certainly delish, my only complaint is that we waited more than 20 minutes after finishing our main courses to make our dessert order. Try not to get tucked away in a corner like we did as you may be forgotten!

        2. Parigi Jan 30, 2010 11:54 PM

          Sounds like a wonderful trip.
          Near Sacré Coeur: Table 28. Must reserve.
          One last thing: memories play tricks, you know. Sacré Coeur is itself architecturally no great shakes, and it concentrates all the bus-borne tourists and geegaw vendors of Paris.
          A much more charming area is to the west of Sacré Coeur, the area between rue des Martyrs, rue Véron, rue Lepic, Avenue Junot, with Bateau Lavoir as your center. This area is very near Sacré Coeur, but the tourbus people never go there.
          A nice casual restaurant in that area is Le Café Qui Parle.

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          1. re: Parigi
            John Talbott Jan 31, 2010 01:12 AM

            Agree about both Table 28 and Cafe; just a bit farther is a top-rate place Table d'Eugene, La Table d'Eugène
            18, rue Eugène Sue, 18th (Metro: Jules Joffrin, Chateau Rouge)
            T: 01 42 55 61 64
            Closed Sundays and Mondays
            Lunch menu 10.5-12.5, dinner menu 21-27, a la carte 25-30 €

            John Talbott

            1. re: John Talbott
              Oakglen Feb 1, 2010 05:47 AM

              John T, do you know anyone who has tried Le Maquis recently? It's an old favorite of ours, albeit more formal than le Cafe qui parle.

              1. re: Oakglen
                Parigi Feb 1, 2010 07:28 AM

                Glad you asked. I haven't been to le Maquis for EVER. Used to like it but found the wait too long between dishes. A friend from the neighborhood told me the wait is still defeatingly long.

                1. re: Oakglen
                  John Talbott Feb 2, 2010 10:26 AM

                  Oak: In fact, I haven't been since 1989-90, when I liked it a lot. Why don't I go anymore? Because I prefer the Table d'Eugene, Enichi and home-cooking.

              2. re: Parigi
                mclean Jan 31, 2010 06:16 AM

                Thanks for the heads-up on the tourbus groups--I'll let my husband know, and I'll check out Table 28.

                1. re: Parigi
                  mclean Jan 31, 2010 11:29 AM

                  I just found a suggestion in Food and Wine for Les Cocottes near the Eiffel Tower--any thoughts?

                  1. re: mclean
                    PhilD Jan 31, 2010 12:03 PM

                    It is casual, good and inexpensive.

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