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Country Ham, Smithfield Ham in DTW area

Has anyone seen Country Hams (Virginia style) in the SE Michigan area. They are available mail order but I wanted to try a few slices first.

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  1. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor is worth trying. I don't know if they always stock it, but they had it over the holidays.


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      I thought of Zingerman's too since I know they carry some products from Edwards - bacon, sausage - but haven't seen the hams.

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        OK, I was just at Zingerman's for dinner, and I asked. They do indeed carry the Edwards country hams from Virginia.

    2. These should be easy to find but they are not. I know that Papa Joe's doesn't carry them, and if memory serves me, I've also checked Whole Foods and Nino Salvaggio's. I had at one time seen one brand in Meijer, but perhaps that isn't up to the caliber you seek? I'll keep an eye out and report back. Hillers? Busch's?

      1. I saw one (Just one) today at Holiday Market in Canton. $53

        Although....I believe it was brown sugar cured. I will get some more details tomorrow.

        Lilly and Cherry Hill.

        I was thinking of going back to pick it up...might wanna call another the other Holiday markets to see if they have any left.

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          This is what the Canton Spartan Holiday Market has...

          $53 bucks

          # Southern Smokehouse Whole Ham
          # Uncooked
          # Aged 4 - 6 months
          # Hickory smoked

        2. I'm not sure I understand your post, but if you want to "try a few slices" of country ham, it's on the menu at the excellent Betty Ross II on John R.

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            Thanks for the lead. I have been going to BRII for breakfast for the last 8 years. That was until they switched from American fries to hash browns.

            Their ham is the midwestern "wet" cure. I am looking for the Smithfield style salt cure. It has to be soaked for 24 hours before eating. The whole ham is easily available on the internet but I wanted a smaller quantity.

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              Last time I was at BRII, a few months ago, I thought I saw both kinds of ham on the menu. What we'd consider "regular" ham was what you'd normally get with your eggs, but thought sure they also had a side of country ham listed. It was quite a bit more than the regular ham, like maybe $7 for a side. Was I dreaming?

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                I don't think you were dreaming, gooddog, unless they've changed in the last 6 months. I had country ham there before which actually cured me (no pun intended) of ever ordering it again.

          2. I'll go there for lunch today and report back. I hope you're on to it. Maybe I will get my curiosity cured. I hope it doesn't kill this cat!

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              Pleased to report that Mrfinewine, gooddog and coney with everything were spot on about BRII having country ham on the menu. Seeing that I had not looked at the menu it is under breakfast ($8.50 with eggs, toast and potatoes). You get the whole slice (~.75 lb) and they tell me it comes directly from TN (thus all the TN license plates) but didn't know the brand name.

              It satiated my hankerin' for country ham and I appreciate the responses and leads. That's the best part about Chow. Sharing resources and experience. Thanks again.

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                I take it that you are pretty impartial about the taste then?

                How thin was the cut?

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                  The taste was drier, denser and just slightly saltier than a dearborn style ham. It was cooked on the flattop grill and so had a bit of carmelization on the surface. I have had ham & biscuits in Nashville that were far saltier than this one so it was a good breakfast meat. The cut was .25 inch thick but the slice is as big as the dinner plate (9x12in). As a change of pace and a little chunk on rye toast it was quite tasty.

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                    To finish this thread for good I have found an invasion of Williams and Thomas Bros. Country have odds & ends (hock slices, center cut trimmings, and skins) in several markets in the last month. No full slices retail yet but a couple of recipes for country ham can be satisfied with bits. Thanks for the inputs.

            2. I've lived around Detroit all my life, and have never seen country ham for sale in a market. Only place I've ever seen one is on the east coast, around Williamsburg, VA.

              Wait, what about Cracker Barrel? That may be worth checking out, as at a minimum they have it in the menu, and it's authentic to my taste buds.

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                Which CB do you support in the Detroit area. I am still looking for dinner portion ham by the slice as whole hams are available internet?