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Jan 30, 2010 03:40 PM

Tasting Menus in Fairfield County or New Haven?

I'm looking for a really good restaurant in FField County or New Haven that has a tasting menu.

Any options? thanks

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  1. Ibiza in New Haven has one. Spanish Food, very good place. I haven't actually tried the tasting menu, but I know my parents have and rave about it.

    I'd really like to find more places. When I lived in Boston, tasting menu's and high-end prix fixe menu's were the norm... now that I'm in Connecticut, I'm having a hard time finding them.

    1. Jean Louis in Greenwich, CT has a tasting menu. Bedford Post Inn in Bedford and Blue Hill Stone Barns in Pleasantville both offer tasting menus -they are right across the border in NY. If you live in southern Fairfield county (Greenwich/Stamford/New Canaan area), it's the same drive, if not closer, vs driving up to New Haven.

      1. Thanks..I went to Blue HIll at Stone Barns this summer and loved it.

        I'll check out Bedford Post, Jean Louis and Ibiza. Any others in the area??

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          bumping this as I, too, am searching for a tasting menu. FYI, Harvest Supper no longer offers one.