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Jan 30, 2010 03:08 PM

European Butter with Sea Salt

I bought a small block of European butter (with fleur de sel) to dip radishes in, for a dinner party (something I'd read about and thought looked elegant and delicious...but, was kind of blah). I didn't use that much of the butter and now would like to use it in some other form for another dinner party. Any ideas? Obviously, it'd be great with a good baguette on it's own, but was just wondering about other applications.

(I attached a picture of my buttered radishes...they were beautiful, just, not what I'd hoped for. Maybe it was because the radishes were too cold and the contrast between the chilly radishes and the room temp butter wasn't right?)

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  1. grill up some filet Mignon and top it with the butter. I think it might work quite well.

    1. Forgive me Emily, I don't mean to offend. But from the images I believe you've got too much butter on the radishes.

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      1. re: todao

        Not all, in fact, I agree. I definitely took off some of the butter on the radishes I ate, and I still didn't love it.

        1. I have tried many Euro butters with s/s.
          My favorite s/s butter is from Vermont.
          We use it on mashed potatoes, corn/cob, cooked veggies of all kinds.
          Their web site has a number of recipes for the butter.
          It's Vermont Butter & Cheese Company. They make great butter and fantastic cheeses.

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            i 2nd the VB&C salted butter. yum. I love their goat cheese , too.

            I think butter and radishes is an amazing combo, but I'm not sure that I would want it by itself...i just don't like radishes that much. Maybe in a tea sandwich. The pic is just beautiful but I have to agree ...i wouldn't put that much butter in my mouth at one time.

          2. Try baking with it, honestly. I come from Brittany originally and our salted butter is famous. Many desserts are made with it and the sweet-salty is wonderful.