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James Bond-like restaurant in Las Vegas?

caraely Jan 30, 2010 03:00 PM

Looking for a James Bond style restaurant in Vegas (thinking of the books more than the movies, if that makes a difference to anyone :) ). Great martinis, great steaks. Not fussy, or too hush-hush quiet. I'd like high quality, interesting clientele, more old school than new/hip/sterile.

Off the strip is okay. This is for a group of seven people, from age 33 to 66. We are not loud partiers but don't want to feel like we can't talk, laugh, get a bit in our cups. Looking for a memorable meal.

I can't say that money is no object, but I realize food is pricier in Vegas so I'm ready for that. I'm estimating $100 pp for food, plus another $200-300 total for drinks (one person does not drink, one only drinks beer, the rest will have cocktails and wine).

Thanks in advance.

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    chromacosmic RE: caraely Jan 30, 2010 04:12 PM

    I'm horribly unqualified to answer this as I haven't read the books, but what comes to mind for me is Charlie Palmer Steaks @ the Four Seasons. Old School. http://www.charliepalmersteaklv.com/i...

    If you are at all interested in Japanese food, I think that Hamada of Japan on Flamingo (the stand-alone location) might suit your desired vibe. Its dark, reserved, elegant, and you just get a feeling that some high power deals are going on in the dining room. They have a sushi bar, teppanyaki tables, and a tatami (low table) room, but the dining room is where I think you would want to go. http://www.hamadaofjapan.com/

    A bit kitchy, stuck-in-time place for cocktails......The Peppermill. Their website is terrible, just google it and look at pictures and reviews elsewhere.


    1. Steve Green RE: caraely Feb 1, 2010 06:42 PM

      The Golden Steer just off the Strip on West Sahara. About as old-school as it gets. Red leather, tableside Caesar, etc. So old-school that they don't seem to have a website right now.

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        fledflew RE: Steve Green Feb 6, 2010 02:35 PM

        They also have a piano player in the lounge and bartenders who know how to mix classic cocktails perfectly.

      2. atdleft RE: caraely Feb 7, 2010 11:43 AM

        Try Aureole at Mandalay Bay:


        IMHO, it's simply the best for a classy dinner with top-notch drinks. The wine list is among the best in town... After all, they had a 4 story glass tower built just to store all their bottles! :-)

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