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Jan 30, 2010 02:39 PM

kosher catering for a friday night dinner in my home

I am going to host a dinner in my home in Westchester on an upcoming Shabbat evening, for about 30 people. I can bring in from local Supersol, but I am wondering if there is anywhere more interesting anyone can suggest. I once went to a delicious meal catered by a place in Connecticut; it may have been Steven K. Herman, but I'm not sure. Has anyone used them, or have other suggestions? I'd like it to be really special; it is the shabbat preceding my daughter's bat mitzvah. Thanks!

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  1. Do you want just the food catered in, or do you want it to be full service, with setup/waiters/cleanup?

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      I'd be interested in finding out about both, although in the end, I'll probably end up just bringing the food in and cleaning up myself!

    2. Abel Caterers (aka ACI) is out of New Haven and may be able to help.

      1. i bet it was steven m. herman glatt kosher catering...they service the tri state area and it is gourmet glatt kosher catering...very delicious!!!! he does full service or just drop offs,...i've used him many times and each time it has been fabulous!!!!

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          that is exactly who it was! I got their menu and it looked delicious, but it was a little more "high end" and expensive than what I needed. I ended up catering from our local supersol, and it was absolutely delicious. But I do look forward sometime to doing the Steven M. Herman -- hopefully some other occasion will present itself! We also had main event for our bat mitzvah, and it was fantastic.

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            steven herman is high end but it is so eclectic and you really get your money's won't be disappointed...hope you have the opportunity to try it!

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              I was planning to use Steven Herman for a small dinner party in December and was really intrigued and excited about the menu. Until my boyfriend did a little research and discovered that Herman has a new certification because he was serving non-glatt meat as Glatt. This comes from a Rabbi in Bridgeport.
              Can anyone confirm or deny this? We absolutely cannot use him if this is the case.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. oh it's a new post! I was just responding to an old string. Thanks I'll look into them