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Jan 30, 2010 02:31 PM

What's got cozy charm in Atlanta?

I'm not sure what qualifies as "charm" exactly, but they have it or they don't. Here's my checklist: unpretentious (menu/prices/decor), quiet so we can talk, the kind of place college students & professors go to down a pint (I know, I just wiped out "quiet...") I am sure every Chowhound in Atlanta knows a place or several. We'll be staying in Buckhead, but we'll have a car & GPS.


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    1. Hm. Personally I find it hard to find anything in Buckhead very charming or cozy. Too corporate and fake and SUV-ish for me. But if you're willing to drive, I'd call cozy and charming places like Twain's and Thinking Man's Tavern, both in Decatur. Neither are "fireplacey" sorts of bars, but both are independent, funky, good beers, decent food. Also, for GREAT food and beer, and, come to think of it, much more "cozy" atmospheres, try the Book House Pub on Ponce de Leon, and The Porter Beer Bar, in Little Five Points. Both are "gastro pubs". The Porter has, imho, the best calamari ever (flash friend with razor thin slices of lemon and jalapenos that give amazing flavor). The Porter has endless beers on tap, some of which are very pricey. But it's a great atmosphere, the waiters are really cool, the food is somewhat local, and really tasty (great fish -n- chips, too). Hope that helps!

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        actually there are a lot of little places in Decatur that would fit the bill (& more than I could think of in Atlanta/Buckhead). Wahoo's, Cafe Lilly, Cakes & Ale all have good food at reasonable prices and are small and charming. There is a place in the old Mick's location (I can not remember the name to save my life) right in d/t Decatur that has been there about a year. It is fire place cozy--they have a couple of working fire places--but the food can be hit or miss. Decatur is not too bad a hike fr/ Buckhead.