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Jan 30, 2010 02:30 PM

Kitchen Bookstore Guy's Bristket - Any Good?

I got a good deal on a brisket at COSTCO yesterday and was looking through cookbooks for new ideas. In The New Basics I came across a recipe for Nach Waxman's Brisket of Beef. The intro said that he was the one who opened Kitchen Arts and Letters bookstore on the upper east side (caps?) in Manhattan.

Has anybody tried this? One thing that looked off to me was the instruction to spread tomato paste over one side of the brisket as if icing a cake. I was afraid that it would overpower other seasonings and vegs in the recipe.

Any info greatly appreciated.

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  1. I cracked my new basics open and it although I haven't made this recipe before it sounds as though it is a good recipe. It's only 2Tbsp of tomato paste for 6lbs of meat. The 8 onions will more than hold their own in this recipe.

    Making nach waxman's latkes on page 278 is a must do!

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    1. re: Bryn

      I agree that the amount of tomato paste isn't overwhelming at all. It's just that the recipe calls for it to be spread onto the brisket like frosting. I was thinking that it might concentrate on that area and be overpowering. I just put the tomato paste into the pot and stirred it around.

      Haven't made the latkes, but I will. Not this time, though - not the right potatoes.

    2. Oakjoan: Nach's brisket is the jewbomb!! I'm reheating my 6 week old frozen leftovers tonite. I use 10-12 onions instead of a mere 8 and always add 4-5 carrots rather than the miserly 1 he calls for. Don't skip the T-paste, you'll miss it if it's not there. Your house will smell like heaven, and it DOES eat better the 2'nd day, if you can stand waiting... adam
      P.S. This is a classic case of the sum equaling far more than the parts. For 6 ingredients, you get a panoply of flavors and aromas. Serve with a half sweet noodle kugel or latkes for a true Jewfeast!!

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      1. re: adamshoe

        I did make the Waxman's recipe, but without the carrots since I had none. I also didn't skip the tomato paste but didn't smear it onto the beef. I stirred it into the onions, etc. I also added some garlic.

        This was fabulous! We ate it with some ciabatta from Acme which was heated in the oven. There was enough sauce for dipping and the brisket came out perfectly tender.
        There's enough left over for sandwiches tomorrow.