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Jan 30, 2010 02:14 PM

Chocolate Dipped Caramels - Help!

I'm basically trying to replicate Riesens. Made soft dark caramel taken to a temp of 245 degrees F. But when I dip it in the squares (1/2" by 1/2") into melted chocolate and put them on a rack, they basically melt through the rack over the course of 15 mins into a blob. Tried putting them just on parchment and it's even worse - they basically just flatten. Any suggestions on how to keep them square while the chocolate is hardening? If I take the caramel to something more than 245 degrees F but not as high as the hard crack stage, will it be harder when it cools? Thanks!

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  1. Try freezing the squares of caramel before you dip them.

    1. Also, don't dip into hot chocolate...let it cool a little first

      1. I agree with both suggestions. Even though the caramel doesn't have to be "frozen" per se, it does need to be very cold. Also, when dipping it into the semi-cooled chocolate, make sure it's a quick dip. Best to keep your chocolate over a constant source of warmth that will maintain just the right temperature so the pool of chocolate doesn't become so cold that it solidifies with the sequential dipping of the cold caramel.

        1. Brilliant, thanks - hadn't even crossed my mind. Anyone know if the caramel will be a bit harder it I take it to a higher temperature?

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            I've seen recipes that take the caramel (no cream) up to 300 then after adding the cream, you need to take the caramel up to 260. Might be too soft/too close to soft ball.