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Jan 30, 2010 02:10 PM

Cooking With Out A Proper Kitchen...Help?

Our kitchen is being I will be without an oven or a cooktop for about 3 weeks. I do have a microwave, a outdoor grill, cast iron pans, and a crock pot. Anyone have any suggestions for making decent meals under these limited conditions?

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  1. It's all about the grill. Transfer your recipes that you cook on the cooktop over to the grill and you should be in great shape. You'll have to tinker with heat levels, cooking times, etc., but you can do almost anything on a grill.

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      I second the grill...a few years ago we had a hurricane and the power was out for a couple of weeks; I pulled out my grill and cooked everything including a cake. If your grill is gas, you've got it made, mine was charcoal and it still worked out.

      If you have a freezer, you could cook some things off now and freeze to thaw & heat for later.

    2. It sounds like if you have some where to clean it, your crockpot is your friend...

      1. When I remodeled my kitchen, I also kept my old refrigerator/freezer in the dining room. I made a bunch of dinners I liked and froze them. Took them out and with a nice green salad, I survived.

        The grill is a great idea, even an indoor one like the Foreman. I nuked yukon gold potatoes on a plate, 2 minutes on each side for about 6-7 minutes. They were great. Search google for rice cooking in the microwave also, it helps. Also, stock up on some frozen vegetables, that you can do in the microwave also.

        My dining room looked horrible, but at least it was a make-shift kitchen and eating space. It's worth it tho! Good luck!

        1. check this out, my remodel was put on hold so I sort of pulled some of my stuff back out - so I'll need this soon too:

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            Thanks for the link and the suggestions. I didn't plan ahead because I was out of town so I did not freeze anything.
            Can I put the cast iron pots on the gas grill and cook like normal...even though it's been raining cats and dogs for 2 weeks? luck.

            1. re: httpmom

              absolutely. I once made a loaf of bread on my grill. You can truly do almost anything you want with it.

          2. We've been without a kitchen for months due to our remodel and have completely given up on cooking at home. Luckily, we live in Brooklyn so we have lots of other options. The big problem for us wasn't lack of cooking equipment, but lack of a place to wash the dishes. After completely blocking up the bathroom sink and then the bathtub, we just gave up. I would give some serious thought to how you are going to clean up without a kitchen sink.

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              Your comments are the same as mine. I went through a remodel last year. The problem wasn't so much cooking as it was the clean up. I pretty much did take out or simple meals on the gas grill with paper plates, not easy in the middle of February. but I'm thoroughly enjoying my new kitchen now that it's over!!

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                I have a large laundry room sink and a stationary sink in my garage, thank God. I am finding the hard part is not having a specific place to cook's off putting to prepare food on a table in the garage, but I guess it's like camping. It's too wet and cold to use the patio. I will get a great new kitchen when this is finished, so I'll live with it. Paper products are my new best friend.

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                  It's funny, when you're going through it, you feel like it will never be done. For me, I can't believe a year has past and it was the best investment that I have ever made. I absolutely love my new kitchen and I wouldn't change anything. I got through it with an electric griddle, gas grill on the deck; and the microwave, yet I really depended on a good deal of take out. As much as I enjoyed camping growing up, it was difficult to apply it to this situation going to work every day.