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Jan 30, 2010 01:40 PM

Mexican Wedding/Russian Tea Cookies in Austin?

Do any stores or bakeries in Austin make Mexican wedding cookies aka Russian tea cookies? We are looking to buy a bunch for wedding favors and have had no luck finding any in the area. Thanks!

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  1. I would check with any of the panaderias in town such as Mi Victoria or Chuy Bakery or La Mexicana. Also, I was buying a cinnamon roll this morning at the downtown Farmers Market, and I noticed some cookies the vendor was offering that looked to be very similar (& very enticing). I think her operation changed names recently, or today was the first time I've ever seen their was Spoon & *Something* or *Something* & Spoon. She also sells mini quiches and tarts and other baked goods. I'm not sure if she goes to the Wed. market at the Triangle.

    1. the only ones i have seen are the giovanna's brand at whole foods.
      that's the brand that makes those ridiculously expensive seasonally decorated butter cookies, etc.

      i would definitely ask chuy's panaderia.

      1. Thanks angusb and dinaofdoom. I got a box of the Giovanna's brand at whole foods, and while they were delicious, they were in fact ridiculously expensive.

        The cookies that La Mexicana gave me when I asked about their wedding cookies were disappointing. I'm going to stop by Mi Victoria after work and try Chuy Bakery if that doesn't work out, and possibly swing by the farmers market on Saturday morning. I appreciate all the feedback!

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          i wish i had some little old mexican lady to recommend to you, because i am sure those would be awesome, but austin is sorely lacking in bakeries (cupcake places excluded).

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            Fiesta market sells .75 pound of "Mexican nut cookies" for $3. You might give them a try if you approve of cookies made with vegetable shortening rather than butter. I have had Fiesta's cinnamon variety of the same cookie at a party and they were pretty darn good and melty-in-the-mouth. (I much prefer butter, though.)

            The new folks in the farmers market are "Cake and Spoon". I noticed them, too, but haven't tried anything.

            1. re: storefronteats

              Cake and Spoon isn't new exactly, although the name may be. They've been there for about a year or so. It used to be the Sticky Toffee Pudding Company owner, and Melissa (whose name I just learned from that website), sold the quiches and scones and things alongside her. At some point, the Sticky Toffee Pudding people pulled out and the booth was gone for a bit, and then Melissa came back by herself with a larger selection of items. The quiches are great (although the bacon one was a bit too salty). The cinnamon rolls (or Chelsea buns) are delicious. They are made with currants instead of raisins, and they manage to be both moist and crispy at the same time. I've also enjoyed the frangipane tart and the sweet potato tart. All of the tarts have a delicious shortbread-like crust that is actually browned on the bottom, unlike so many pale, mushy flour-and-butter crusts that I come across. What I'm trying to say is, I've liked everything I've tried from them.

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                Oh, good to know. Her quiches are lovely. Thanks!

          2. If an "Italian Wedding Cookie" is the same (and I think it is), then you MUST try the wedding cookies at Enoteca on South Congress. Melt in your mouth good. It was even better than my mom's homemade Italian Wedding Cookies (and bigger too) . I'm from Pittsburgh, PA where cookie tables RULE at weddings. We would be proud to put these on any cookie table.