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Jan 30, 2010 01:00 PM

Best Breakfast in Providence (or close by) RI


I have been trying to find a great breakfast place in Providence (or near) & have have no luck.

I'm looking for more amazing home fries, omelets, waffles, French toast. Breakfast is my favorite food so I am willing to try as many places as possible to get to the best one!


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  1. One of the oldest places in Prov. is the Seaplane diner on Allens Ave. great homefries,excellent crispy corned beef hash, then about 100 yards away is OV's is also good. Then Nicks on Broadway . Those three places give Quality food most breakfast placed give Quanity

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Just had brunch at Nick's and it was delicious. We went with salmon and duck eggs benedict and some pancakes. Everything was excellent, friendly, etc. Not the cheapest but I look forward to going back again if I'm in the neighborhood :)

    2. I like Julian's for their funky menu and Nick's for the quality ingredients. Lines are long at both, so go early.

      There are lots of threads about this topic, if you search the boards.

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        Thanks, I will try Nick's this upcoming weekend, any thoughts on Modern Diner in Pawtucket?

        1. re: ksmitty

          Love the Modern Diner! I always get one of their french toast creations. On weekends they have all kinds of specials posted on the walls. Go early, the place gets mobbed.

          Had a great breakfast at Nick's during my last visit to RI. Still need to try Julian's.

          1. re: ksmitty

            I like the Modern's specials. They've got some fun creations. It's kind of dirty in there, though.

            1. re: ksmitty

              I love Modern Diner. I agree it's a little dirty. Don't order off the regular menu - nothing to write home about here. Order from the specials menu which is posted on the wall near the entrance!

              1. re: ksmitty

                Best thing about Modern? You can order half orders of almost everything. Half order of stuffed french and half some kind of hollaindase. Yum. Nick's lets you do that a lot too - side of polenta, half of pancakes with compote. I end up ordering everything!

                1. re: tabasc

                  I had no idea they let you order half portions... good to know

                  1. re: malyna

                    I didn't know they let you do half portions either! And we go there all the time for breakfast/brunch. Thank you, tabasc. The cheese grits are worth the drive from Boston. Great linguica too. And the specials... If you look at other people's tables, they almost always seem to have more entrees than people. The weakest link is the home fries.

              2. re: invinotheresverde

                I like the hash at Julian's but the service is inconsistent and sometimes laden with attitude.

                I tried Modern -- meh. It was okay, but I just wasn't thrilled or impressed.

                1. re: twilight goddess

                  The service is laughably bad at Julian's, agreed.

                  1. re: invinotheresverde

                    Do you think they know this and just don't care? I mean, everyone says with the same breath "Great brunch - terrible service" so often that I'm guessing they just suck it up and have decided it's part of their "vibe."

                    1. re: Garris

                      Yep. I doubt they sit through customer service/etiquette classes like most restaurants. ;)

              3. Olga's Cup and Saucer. Spectacular bakery, delicious breakfast.

                Julian's is also wonderful.
                If you want fairly traditional, try Brickway on Wickeden st.

                1. Nothing compares to Nick's! I live recently moved from Providence to Boston, and there is no where to replace it!

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                  1. re: dsackton

                    Best breakfast in RI is without a doubt at the Modern Diner in Pawtucket. Home fries are only fair and as someone else mentioned, skip the menu and order off the board - not a place for standard fare diner breakfast.

                    Specials are limited Mon-Thur, but they have always have an excellent selection of omelets, french toast and waffle creations on Fri - Sun. You won't find a better selection with the quality, anywhere.

                    1. re: Clams047

                      My favorite is the Rue on Hope Street. Their omelets are incredible, their muffins are freshly baked, their specials are delicious. It's quaint and cozy inside as well.

                      1. re: OOliver

                        One nice thing about the Rue -- much roomier than either the Modern or Nick's. So you can linger longer. But I recommend reservations on the weekend.

                        Don't know if it's the best breakfast in the Prov area, but it's certainly worth trying for a breakfast lover. The muffins are indeed very good -- and so is the coffee.

                  2. Try Kip's on Newport Avenue in Pawtucket. It's away from all the crowds and has decent breakfast fare. They also make great lunches (try the patty melt, grilled cheese, wieners all the way)!