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Jan 30, 2010 11:56 AM

Recommendations between San Juan and Fajardo - Puerto Rico


We will be traveling between San Juan and Fajardo (and back) on our way to/from Vieques. We will have some time to stop and try some amazing food. Looking for some good food... Any suggestions in Fajardo - near the ferry. Or, on the road.... Roast pig?!? Help!


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  1. We ate dinner at La Estacion in Fajardo two weeks ago and liked it so well we went back again. It looks like any Puerto Rican road side restaurant, owned by a former NY chef and his wife with great grilled food and some Puerto Rican specialties.

    Here is a link.

    1. Kioskos are on the way from Fajardo to San Juan, on the right. Just pick one you like.

      Don Pepe is also on the same side of the road. A bit pricy though.

      Roast pig is primarily made on Saturdays. There will be stands on both sides of the road, just pay close attention.

      There will also be several pincho stands. A couple of them were in front of one of the Amigo supermarkets on the San Juan - Fajardo side of the road.

      If you have some extra time during the day and want to go out of the beaten path, try Cuchilandia Paraiso
      It's a bit of a drive up the hill, and on some days they don't stay open after dark. Roast pig, morcilla, roast chicken, lots of good stuff. The place sits beside a little stream so the view is nice.