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Jan 30, 2010 10:43 AM

Central/Eastern European restaurants in Halifax metro

Is it really true that there is essentially no Central/Eastern European restaurant in Halifax metro?! In Hamilton, Ontario I had at least three Austrian/German restaurants to choose from, plus various Polish/other Eastern European ones... I'm a bit desperate. Did I overlook a restaurant?

(Café Chianti used to have a few Hungarian dishes but the prices were ridiculously high, plus they are currently closed because of the South Street fire.)

I'd be grateful for any hints.


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  1. I'm afraid this may be true. There are some German restaurants elsewhere in the province:

    and when I first moved here there were two eastern European restaurants within a block of each other downtown, but they're long gone.

    On the geographical fringe of your area of interest, there's the Wooden Shoe Cafe on Oland Crescent in Bayer's Lake.

    On the upside, Nova Scotia does produce amazing sauerkaut.