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Jan 30, 2010 10:12 AM

Best fish tacos??

We're going to be visiting San Diego (staying in Coronado) from New York and we hear that fish tacos are a must have. Can you please recommend the best places to try one. Thanks!!

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  1. For sit-down restaurant fish tacos -> Brigantine. Conveniently, there's an excellent one right across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado. There are other locations scattered across the county. By far the best deal on fish tacos in San Diego. Especially if it's during happy hour.

    For muuuuuuch more casual eating, you can try your luck at one of the Mariscos German taco trucks. The popular one to go to is on 35th and University. So, that would be a trip over the Coronado bridge, to the 94 East, to the 805 North, and then making a right on University until you see the truck on the right hand side. All told, maybe 10-12 minute drive. The standard fish tacos there are great (although compared to the Brigantine, not really the same type of ballpark). You must try the Marlin tacos, the Gobernador (shrimp with cheese). Don't forget to ask for the free Consomme fish stock soup. Yum. As a disclaimer, though, if you are on a tourist visit, you may want to take the recommendation of a taco truck with a grain of salt. It would be the equivalent of saying that the best hot dog in New York can be found at the cart in front of a liquor store on 125th Street. So, although it may be good grub, it might not exactly be what you're looking for if you're hoping to have a nice and relaxing lunch with family to impress, etc.

    A great in-between to these two options is the famous Point Loma Seafoods. It's just past the airport on the bay. They sell fresh fish and all sorts of wonderful things. They are very popular with tourists, so you get a nice and crowded busy feel there. Excellent fish, though.

    Overall, I'd say give the Brigantine a try first. If you want more typical/authentic San Diego Mexican food, try the Mariscos German taco truck (no, you don't need to speak a lick of Spanish to go here). If you want the traditional tourist experience, try Point Loma Seafoods.

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      Thanks for the recommendations! I neglected to mention that atmosphere was not a priority. Being a New Yorker - I'm not at all against eating from a truck - in fact lately - some of the best cupcakes and ice cream trolling town are being sold from trucks!

    2. el zarape on park blvd is the best! they also have amazing scallop taco or calamari burrito

      1. since you are staying in coronado you have to go and try South Beach Bar and Grille on Newport in Ocean Beach. Its at the end of the 8 West (which connects to the 5, 15, and 163). When you get into OB turn right on Newport heading toward the beach and its the last building on the left as you look at the ocean. It is a bar so unless everyone with you is over 21 then someone might have to order take out (which i do all the time when kiddos are with me). They have a selection of random things on the menu but by far the best is the fish tacos. the Baja (fried), the Mahi (grilled) and Wahoo (grilled) are all amazing and I have never been disappointed by any and usually get one of each.

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        1. re: belsho

          All due respect, but I have to disagree strenuously with this rec.

          Everything about South Beach's fish tacos is wrong.

          a) Flour tortilla - wrong
          b) melted yellow cheese - wrong

          The only thing they have going for them is location. There are much better fish tacos to be had in San Diego.

          I suggest making a trip to one of the Mariscos German taco trucks sometime and trying their tacos. I think you'll be really impressed.

          1. re: Josh


            you are correct that they normally come with a taco sized flour tortilla, but corn tortilla is available if you ask for it. personally i like the flour tortilla for these particular fish tacos. and yes they throw some queso on there but its only wrong if you dont like queso. its not enough to do anything damaging to flavor or content besides. and sorry senor they dont slaughter it with RANCH! as you are leading readers to believe.
            Lastly I never stated that these were authentic style (ie: the ones I have eaten in San Felipe, MX) and thanks for the recommendation on the taco trucks. Most likely they are very tasty as follows the rule when in mexico that the best street tacos come from a dude in the street!

            Post script - If you are up north try the fish taco at Los Tacos in oceanside. its fried deliciousness with a handmade flour tortilla and very up to par with authenticity.

            1. re: Josh

              South Beach certainly has gringo fish tacos and not what I would consider authentic by any stretch of the imagination but they do taste good and the location on the beach is pretty nice. Now for the best fish tacos in town it is Mariscos German by a mile but I'm not going to say South Beach is bad simply because they do things in a different style.

              1. re: oerdin

                Someone asking for "best fish tacos" oughtn't be sent to South Beach. That may have been true 10 years ago, but thankfully the selection here is vastly improved.

                1. re: Josh

                  Now that I can agree with completely. The selection, verity, and quality has sky rocketed over the last ten years which is absolutely a great thing. It gives us foodies more options and more things to argue about. ;)

                  1. re: Josh

                    I agree about the 10 yr. time factor, however SB does not claim, nor never has, to be 'authentic', which is where I sense your comment maybe leaning towards. Their fish taco offerings are 'Americanized', no surprise, and during happy hour only, a fair price for what you get. Far from the 'best', if I were to compare them to a Marisco's truck. That's on a whole different level. As a side note, I think the Brig has good 'Americanized' FT's also during happy hour only.

              2. re: belsho

                How is Ocean Beach a convenient recommendation for Coronado? I suppose it's directly across the harbor and then over the hill, but there's no easy way to do that (without wings or a helicopter)

              3. Will you have a car? Are you going to be staying in Coronado the whole time or heading to the main land at all?

                If you're only going to be in Coronado then the Brigantine is probably your best bet. If you'll have a car and will be on the main land then I'd suggest Mariscos German. The main restaurant actually shouldn't be too hard to get to from the Coronado Bridge (or you can go to one of the trucks - ie 35th & University). If you go to the Mariscos German restaurant (2802 Ocean View blvd.) location I'd suggest making a trip to Tacos El Paisa (3096 National Ave.) while you're nearby.