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Jan 30, 2010 10:00 AM

Best places to eat with teenagers visiting Beverly Hills

Traveling to LA in Feb with teenagers. Some suggestions on where to eat?

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  1. B/L&D? How many meals? Up / Moderate / Down Scale? Ethnic okay? Car? Willing to drive out of B Hills? How far / time will you drive? Finally: Picky teen eaters or budding Chowhounds?

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      Wow! Let me try to be more specific. Dinner, 3 nights, Moderate or Down Scale (some of the restaurants that were mentioned to me by fellow NY's were La Scala, Nate and Al's), Ethnic is fine, willing to drive and Finally - decent eaters. Hope that helps :)

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        There are some excellent Persian and Lebanese food choices not so very far from Beverly Hills. Shamshiri Grill on Westwood Blvd. would be a good place for delicious and reasonably priced food as would AlCazar Express on Wilshire Blvd. also be a good choice from what you describe.

        Shamshiri Grill
        1712 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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          Every teen I know loves Nate 'n Als. La Scala is also a pretty good choice as is Piccolo Paradiso on South Beverly Drive. Your teens may get lucky and see a celebrity at Nate 'n Als. Was there the other day and Gwen Stefani was there with her family. Lots of Paparazzi outside.

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            Is Nate 'n Al's best for breakfast, lunch or dinner? what time does Larry King eat there?

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              Larry King is there for breakfast. Nate N'Al's is best for breakfast or lunch. Food tends to be a little too heavy for dinner. However, one can order breakfast or lunch for dinner. Word to the wise, if you don't want an enormous portion of smoked fish or chopped liver, order the appetizer size. (on the menu under appetizers).

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            If you go to La Scala, make sure at least one of you orders their famous and awesome chopped salad. It's enough for a full meal for one, or you could all share it together as an app. Otherwise although La Scala has a sort of comfy homey old-school Italian vibe, it's not particularly a great restaurant. But if you're staying within walking distance and want to hit something in that stretch, it's not bad.

        2. Not far from Beverly Hills is LA's original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax, wtih really good moderately priced food. It has something for everyone from tacos at Loteria to Brazilian bbq to gumbo at The Gumbo Pot. Everyone can get something different. A real taste of LA.

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            Dinner at the Farmers Market? What time is it open until? Are there places to sit down - or do you have to walk and eat?

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              Yes dinner. The LA Farmers Market is open till 9 PM Monday-Friday, till 8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. There is plenty of seating all around the market including covered areas if it rains. You can all get food from different restaurants and then all join each other in the many seating areas. It's always a lively place and great for people watching and good food. Also next door is the Grove shopping center.

              1. re: rochelle

                The LA Farmer's Market is a permanent market that's more restaurants and little shops than produce vendors.

                If your teens are into celebrity spotting, the Newsroom Cafe across from the Ivy on Robertson at lunch would be a good place.

            2. Sprinkles, haha. Actually, I would take them here for dessert.

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                My teenage kids like The Farm of Beverly Hills. Lots of choices on the menu, patio killer brownies, patio seating out front....

              2. The Newsroom on Robertson is a good place. You can sit outside, there are lots of stores that kids like, and usually celebs around. Moderately priced, mostly healthy food.
                Also, some place at the beach....maybe Venice or Malibu.

                1. What are your teenagers into? If they are into the cool, hip LA thing, then there are a lot of fun spots to check out. My teenagers love eating at Swingers and Cafe 101. In fact, my college-aged son and his cohorts drive in from Claremont (45 minutes away) to eat at Cafe 101, because it is open late and is very cool in an anti-cool way. (It was featured in the movie SWINGERS.) They often spot indie artists eating there, and they love the milkshakes. It is kind of north of Hollywood and west of downtown--so you might find yourself near it as you do tourist things. Silver Lake is full of similar venues and similar people (they could check out the Elliot Smith wall and eat at Millies or the Brite Spot.) If however they are into celebrity/star-gazing, others here on Chowhound have covered that.