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Jan 30, 2010 08:53 AM

La Camelia in East Providence

Has anyone been there? All the information I can find online seems dated. Would you recommend this restaurant for middle eastern food?

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  1. We dined at La Camelia too long ago to give useful current info (15-20 years?), but our meal was good and the service pleasant. It was a small family place then; the owner/husband/father sat down and had wine with us. I remember that they made their own bastirma; it was excellent. If we had a reason to visit East Providence, we probably would have visited more often.

    1. Went Friday for the first time since the new owners took over earlier this year. The decor has been spruced up a bit. Although it is now "of Turkey" (not Armenia), the menu is very similar and the food very good-warm pita, lots of meze-type offerings, large portions.. Still a small, family-run operation, with very friendly staff. It was pretty empty on Friday night and is the kind of restaurant I worry about surviving.