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Jan 30, 2010 08:14 AM

Beef Rib Special at Pubs-Calgary

My apologies if this has been covered before. We are looking for a pub/restaurant that has a beef rib special night. Any recommendations? There used to be two in south Calgary, where beef ribs were a buck per bone.....Fred Flintstone would have loved it.
Anyway, one has swiched to a meal of 3 bones for $10, the other has upped the anti form $1 to $2 per, fries, salad etc all extra obviously.
Anyone know of other places that have a beef bone special on a particular night?
Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. We had the all you can eat all day everyday beef ribs at Montana's cook house in sunridge. I think it was 23 bucks including fries and another side of your choice. They had a huge chunk of beef on them. I was well impressed, after going in skeptical.

    I know that's not exactly what you're talking about but thought I should mention it as I really enjoyed them and did have bud on tap. If you can eat six of them it matches the 3 for $10. Where is the $2 per place? I'd be into checking them out.

    1. You can call Moose McGuire's to see if they still have a rib night. I haven't been there in years. They used to have a beef rib night. It's located in the same strip mall as BonTon, The Keg, and Redwater Grill, etc. across from the foothills hospital. I'd say it's more of a university crowd hangout.

      1. The Palomino downtown has "All you Can Eat" Beef Ribs for $20 on Monday nights. I guess you would have to eat 7, for it to be a better deal than your current place. You don't want to tell us where you find your $2 and $3 bones??

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          Thanks for the tips on places to check out. About every 6 months, a few of us guys get a craving to indulge in too much meat along with a cold jug of beer. As Tim the Toolman would say, " arrrrr, arrrrr: arrrrrrh 8-)
          Anyway, I'll follow up on your tips and I thank you. Sorry I didn't post it originally; the places I was referring to were the Rat and Parrot just off Canyon Meadows Drive and Bonaventure. They used to have 'buck a bone' but switched it to a meal of 3 bones and fries for $10. The other place that has long been known for 'buck a bone' is called Governor's on Acadia Dr. just south of Southland in a little strip mall. We always wondered how they could cook those beauties up and sell them for a dollar....a lost leader of course, but they have a special every night and the food is quite good. Alas, the price has doubled to $2 and really, anyone who can eat more than 5 beef ribs is a real meat's too much. But still, give it a try as I don't think you will be disappointed.....3 ribs, a small salad and a mug of beer to wash it down, a tip and you're out of there with a bill of $15 including tip. Not bad! One caution at Governor's when ordering ribs....the service can be slow accasionally which transates into luke warm ribs to the table. Just tell the waitress that you want them delivered HOT.
          ...and no take home doggy-bags allowed...which is only right.
          My querie on here was to see if there other similar places to sample in the city at bargain prices. Thanks again.

        2. Bootleggers (in the NE) has a Tuesday all you can eat ribs and they are surprisingly decent. It's $14 but there are of meat on the ribs. I think I still managed about 7 bones so you can get it down to $2/bone or more if you are really hungry. They come also with good steak fries.

          1. I've had the beef rib on special at Woody's Taphouse. I think it's on Thursdays for $2.00 per bone. Not bad, a few different flavours available.