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Jan 30, 2010 08:09 AM

Dark Horse Espresso Bar on Queen near Broadview - is it just me?

For the last year or so, I've been frequenting Dark Horse on Queen East. I love the coffee and it's convenient after my spin class. It's always been busy, but there used to be a semblance of order and cheerfulness. In the last month or so, I've noticed that they are becoming increasingly disorganized. It seems to take forever to get your order (10 to 15 min, which seems long to me for a latte) and there are a couple of servers who are decidely surly to me. The tall red head and the short dark haired - both female. If you have the nerve to ask them after you've been waiting for 10 min, if they have your order, they give you the look of death. I realize they're busy, but a smile would go a long way, when you are annoyed about waiting and what seems like disorder. There was another woman there today who stepped in and was pleasant and made sure my order was next. The red head just glared. I do not believe I am rude. Just curious about my order after a reasonable amount of time.
Am I the only one who's noticed a change there recently?

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  1. I wouldn't take that... getting a coffee should be a relaxing break in your day, not a stressful ordeal. There are no shortage of other coffee joints in the area. On the other side of the street a few blocks east is F'Coffee, which has decent (though not amazing) coffee with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Merchants of Green is near there, too.