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Jan 30, 2010 08:02 AM

Sources for "aji dulce" in Toronto?

I posted a query for the sweet version of Capsicum chinense used in the Caribbean for "sofrito" (pictures attached) in the Caribbean forum, but I'd love to find this chile in Toronto. Looks like a bonnet pepper but is very mild and sweet. Excellent in rice, beans, stews and --as mentioned-- in "sofrito". It's name in Spanish is "ají dulce" (sweet chile). Has anyone seen it anywhere in Toronto?

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  1. Dear Dracodl lover of all things good apparently.

    On Bawldin ave in Kensington market, toronto there is a small caribean shop, the first one as you walk from Spadina. Ask for the small "sweet peppers" and they will point you to small sandwinch bags filled with such delicacy. Not the best specimens but the flavour is all there.
    I am growing these peppers for the first time currently. Brought the seeds from Venezuela recently. These are the real item from Margarita Island.

    Good luck

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      I found some chiles at "La Perola" that look like the real deal, but were too spicy... so no luck there. I've read that the non-spicy Capsicum chinensis is a recessive gene mutation, bred especially for non-spicyness. All I know is that there's no home-cooking joy without it!