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Jan 30, 2010 07:52 AM

Scientific or other names for "aji dulce"? [moved from Central America board]

I'm trying to locate sources of "aji dulce" in Canadian supermarkets, but first I have to know what kind of chile it is. The name I've indicated is used in Venezuela for a chile that's shaped like a "bonnet pepper" but has a very mild taste on the hot scale... It is available green, light orange and red, and the flavour is excelent in the rice water, in stews, etc.

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  1. Here are some photos, and I've found it's a variety of Capsicum chinense, specially bred to be sweet. It's really good in "sofrito".

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      C chinense includes the habanero and scotch bonnet. Are there any markets that cater to Caribbean people (Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)? I've never seen them on the west coast.

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        I found some chilies that are similar in appearance but way too hot in the latin market stalls around Kensington market (Toronto). However, my sister sent me some seeds from down south and if they grow and produce a crop, I'll be jumping in joy. If that happens, I'd be willing to trade dry peppers or seed for other food goodies available in the West.