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Jan 30, 2010 07:45 AM

Best Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities

Am in search of the best Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities. I couldn't find a recent post for this so I thought I'd open it up. The other night I had chicken vindaloo from Biryani in Edina which I thought was really good. It used to be Chapati near Hwy 100 and 70th. Will definitely try again since it's on my way home from work. My all-time fav was Udupi in Columbia Heights but that's been closed for a while as far as I know. Udupi had the best dosa's! Any suggestions from my fellow foodies?

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  1. I really like Ghandi Mahal in South Minneapolis. While it may not be the best, it is my go-to place due to location and consistently good food.

    It is a northern style Indian restaurant, so different from Udupi, which I also loved. I've really enjoyed the Tikka Masala, the Rogan Josh with lamb, and Palak Paneer. I think the spice levels are right on, though I've heard complaints from others.

    1. Udupi is now Nala Pak, a vegetarian restaurant that retains the emphasis on Southern Indian" cuisine, but with "northern" options as well. The dosa I had was a highlight, and it is complimentary with the excellent buffet.

      The best Indian I have had is Gandhi Mahal, which is head and shoulders above the competition, which tends to feature cookie cutter, buttery recipes. I think I've mentioned the yellow dal soup about a dozen times on this board, but the tikka masala (a far northern Indian dish?) and palak paneer suggest some real cooking chops.

      Those two would be the best places to start. From there, you might try Kabob's (Indian with a heavy Pakistani influence) and OM (upscale, chef-driven takes on classic dishes). Both of those have gotten good recommendations on this board. .

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        My husband and I miss Great India in Brooklyn Center since we moved south. Beef Kadahi there was great as was the Chicken Dumpakht.

        We've given both Tandoor and Surabhi in Bloomington tries and while we'd go back to both, we've never been blown away. Actually we really liked both lunch buffets there. Surabhi's was pretty off beat, which was a nice change of pace.

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          I was in the neighborhood of Gandhi Mahal tonight, could smell the delicious food all the way around the corner by the library! Went to check it out, and it was PACKED! Including a newer third room they have now. There were some very good reviews on here when it first opened, since then not so much. But then recently people are chiming in about it, and even though I have yet to actually eat more than a takeout appetizer, I got very good vibes about it tonight. There wasn't really much room for the people to stand though who were waiting for tables, I think I'll go on a weeknight and report back.

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            OK, finally ate at Gandhi Mahal, loved it! I had something called 'Persian Dansak' that I guess may be Persian in origin, but was kind of a curry with lentils and can basically get most of their entrees with your choice of protein, I just had mine with veggies. Wonderful balance of flavors, excellent basmati pilaf with it that I brought home and had 3 more meals from...........I asked for a side of raita which was also great. They bring a basket of pappadams with tamarind and mint chutneys for dipping. Very good. Watching carbs so I skipped the naan but I bet it's great........................

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              I'm definitely going to have to check that place out! Everyone seems to just love it. Thanks for the suggestion!

      2. I had a chance to hit up Kabob's in Bloomington for lunch, and I can say it largely lives up to its reputation here as a great hole-in-the-wall place.

        The titular offering was great. A friend and I split the kabob trio, and we both thought the ground beef sausages were a standout. We ordered a side of bread stuffed with nuts (anyone feel free to chime in with the name) that was a perfect savory pairing. The beef samosas were great as well.

        The only letdown was the Chicken 65, which didn't seem to be quite fresh, and was a bit too much tomato and not enough cream. Still, you can't beat the price to flavor ratio, and it's another nice change of pace from the typical Indian spot.

        1. I've got to agree with Gandhi Mahal. They currently have some special Winter specials right now and had a Broccoli/Spinach/Eggplant Curry that was out of this world....

          1. I went to Ghandi Mahal once last summer and LOVED IT. So far it's the best Indian place I've been to in MSP. I can't wait to go back. And it's great for kids because they have a little play area off in a back room.

            My go to place though is generally Kabobs in Bloomington since it's on my way home from work. It's cheap and good. I generally go with the Tikka Masala. I've heard good things about the Biryani but I was less impressed with it.