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Jan 30, 2010 06:57 AM

Where to buy green chiles in Toronto?

I have a recipe that call for a can of green chiles. Never seen them before at a supermarket. Can anyone guide me to store reachable by TTC that's sure to have them?

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  1. Odd that I was just talking about these in a thread about American foodstuffs not available in Canada. If you mean the mild, chopped ones I have bought them in the past at Whole Foods. I think they were Old El Paso brand. Now I think Davwud will have some other suggestions, but I have not had consistent luck finding them at other grocery stores in my area.
    What recipe are you making?

    1. Highland Farms carries them, I've purchased them there many times. You can also get them at Sobey's (at least you can at the ones in Etobicoke), they're in the Mexican food section.

      1. They have lots of different canned chilies (and fresh/dried ones too) at Perola Supermarket in Kensington Market. A good solid latin american foodstuff destination.

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          All major grocery chains that have a "Mexican" section will sell canned green chiles. I'd go to Perola in Kensington just to browse the other items available, but it certainly isn't necessary if it's not convenient for you. Loblaws, Metro or Sobery's will certainly have what you need.

        2. Do you mean those cans of pickled jalapenos? You can find those at many supermarkets, I see them at no frills/loblaws/walmart/t&t/sobeys/etc... Or is it a different type of chile?

          For fresh non-pickled chiles I'd head to chinatown.