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Jan 30, 2010 06:21 AM

Breakfast Westbrook, CT Muffin Corner still there?

Is the Muffin Corner still in business in Westbrook, Ct? Going there for breakfast with a friend one day next week. Any other breakfast options along rte 1 in Madison, Clinton, or Westbrook, or anywhere up that way off the beaten path? Thanks!

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  1. Yup, it's still open and still making those muffins. If you want to consider alternatives, Denny's in Westbrook, and Pat's Country Kitchen or the Parthenon Diner in Old Saybrook are popular breakfast choices. The only breakfast place I am familiar with in Clinton is Friendly's. In Madison, you might consider Savvy Tea Gourmet. They open at 8am weekdays and have croissants, cheeses, quiches and other cafe items as well as hot drinks.

    1. If Madison counts, does Branford? If so, Meadow Muffins (201 Meadow St Branford, CT 06405) has to be a possibility. And even if this is out of the way for you, perhaps others will take the hint.

      1. IMO the best restaurant for breakfast in the Saybrook/Westbrook/Clinton area is Cristie's, in in a small strip mall in Westbrook right across the street and 100 feet to the East from the Muffin Corner. A wide selection of dishes. Great omelettes, wonderful home-made corned beef hash and the apple-oatmeal pancakes are unbelieveably good.

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          When I looked up Muffin Korner in the yahoo yellow pages it looks like it changed names to Cheryl's Corner owners?

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            Name change x 3: Cheryl's ex Laurie's ex Jane's Muffin Korner

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            IMO, best breakfast in the area is at the Coffee Break on rt 1 in Clinton. Excellent blueberry pancakes (but you'll need to bring your own real maple syrup). With eggs / omelets, I recommend skipping the home fries (only fair) and taking the fresh fruit substitute. Don't know how they get such prime fruit year round, but it's always excellent. My favorite is a diced ham / scrambled egg dish with fresh fruit and a grilled hard roll.

          3. Had breakfast at Cherly's Corner Cafe akak Muffin Corner in Westbrook. We both had a simple omelet of bacon,cheddar, & mushrooms. The egg portion of the omelet was as thin as a crepe and not over done. It was perfect! I asked them not to let the eggs get brown and she listened, too me brown on the outside is over done and burned. The home fries were very full of rosemary and tasty but could have been just a bit more. Good breakfast up on the shoreline.

            1. Omg, the teakettle on post rd best omelet on the east coast. Coffee by the carafe. Pancakes or waffle with fresh fruit. Also try christy's for pancakes forty varieties or the turtle cafe for good local breakfast