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what is the thing(s) you always splurge on

the kind of thing that youmight compromise of other things in order to make sure you can afford that item(s)

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  1. wine, beer, oyster. in that order.

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    1. Meats, eggs and dairy that are locally raised.

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        All the above plus humanely raised grass/pasture feeding and wild caught , sustainable fish, a shrinking commodity, sadly. Organic preferably on the former, but IPM is okay, too, if it's local and humane.

        And top quality very dark chocolate.

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          All the above, what mcf said, olive oil and aceto balsamico tradizionale di modena, artisan cheeses, cultured butter, saffron and difficult-to-find spices, fresh galangal, fat vanilla pods, duck from my brother's organic farm, game from a hunter, maple syrup. When in Europe white or black truffles depending on the season (at a market). Prosciutto in Italy, prsut in Croatia or Jamon Iberico in Spain. Mozzarella di bufala, etc. - local foods unavailable back home in Canada.

      2. Good Greek-style yogurt, fresh produce.

            1. Foie Gras and Langostinos (separate not together).

              1. Cultured cottage cheese (e.g. Nancy's)
                Organic dairy
                Cultured butter
                Organic and/or Fair Trade chocolate and coffee

                  1. Steak and butter. Especially the butter -- only the best butter I can find -- because you can only eat so much of it.

                    1. chocolate, coffee, crab meat.

                      1. Cheese and local produce. Especially the cheese. Mmmmm.

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                          mmm I'm with you. If I had to give up either meat or cheese, I'd give up meat. I love cheese so much.

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                            If I had to give up meat or cheese, I'd slash my wrists. ;-)

                          2. the biggset for me, i never buy anything but grade AAA beef, everything else pales in comparison

                              1. Cheese. high quality seafood. wine and high end alcohol. meat. fresh herbs--although we grow ours in summer.

                                1. Steak. There are NO compromises when it comes to steak.

                                  1. When it came down to it my bottom lines were/are butter and Kosher salt followed by decent cheese (med cheddar), if I couldn't hit that level we did without. Now that things are looking up a bit cheese is my first area of expansion and right not even a decent swiss or parm are heaven! It's amazing what doing without will do for your taste buds :-}

                                      1. Prosciutto: I always get the more expensive one. There is one that is a good $10 cheaper but, I don't know, it looks all dry and stiff and the colour somehow spooks me and there's, like, absolutely no fat on it.

                                        Tomatoes: I work right next to a fantastic market so I'm spoiled in terms of food shopping anyway, but when I need tomatoes I go to the fancy organic shop and pay that little bit extra.

                                        Real vanilla beans. I feel like a stupid extravagant person paying $3 for a single bean but I only make desserts rarely and the first time I made a custard with one I had to admit it was worth it.

                                        Also, oh my god, last week I tried wagyu beef for the first time in my life. The fancy butcher at the market was selling it, in great big steaks that kind of blew the food budget for the fortnight. I bought it on impulse, figuring if we had to eat two-minute noodles for the next few meals it would be worth it. And oh, it was. It was the best beef-based meal I have ever eaten in my entire life. I'd heard that the wagyu experience is as much about that incredible melting texture as it is flavour, and now I understand. I was giggling with delight the entire time I was eating it.

                                          1. Cat food. Not a splurge, but I don't want to wake up missing an arm or leg.

                                            Other than that, wine and cheese, coffee, good bread. Local produce as much as possible, given our forbidding climate.

                                            1. Wine (including champagne), cheese, meats (particularly lamb) and, for special occasions and very special people, 20 or 30 year-old port.

                                              1. Premium, freshly made ice cream.

                                                1. Good olive oil. If you are lucky enough to live by a Oil and Vinegar even better.

                                                  1. Organic fruit and vegetables, organic chicken, Wild Salmon, Wine

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                                                      taboo...you could have written my list for me.

                                                    2. sushi... and then we can get into specifics about each fish/shellfish.

                                                      if i know it's good i'm willing to push the bill away from my eyes and pay quite a bit for it. too bad there's no easy and polite way to sample sushi before you buy the whole meal.

                                                      1. Membership in a CSA, cheese, wine, organically grown produce, wild caught seafood, good olive oil.

                                                        1. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Give me the real thing, not the pre-grated "parmesan" in green plastic shakers...

                                                          Ditto to some of the other posters: real maple syrup, champagne, premium ice cream.

                                                          1. for the larder: valrhona cocoa powder, organic fruits and vegetables.
                                                            for most meals: going out to restaurants.