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Jan 30, 2010 05:56 AM

Caterer in Grey-Bruce

Please help! We are getting married in Kincardine in October and are in desperate need of an excellent caterer. Can anyone recommend someone good but reasonably priced who is from that area or willing to travel to that area?

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  1. I am too am looking for a top notch caterer in the same area Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton. Please let me know if you find anyone, I'm desperate- for September 2010. I have searched to the ends of the internet and back and contacted the chambers of commerce but I have had no luck at all. :)

    1. We had our wedding reception at the Underwood Community Centre in 2007. It was an outdoor cocktail-type reception for 225 guests under a big tent. Food service was 15 different appetizers, distributed by roaming servers for the entire night (8pm-1am).

      Food prep was done by Burke's Tent Rentals. Don't let the name fool you, as this is a side business of the owners & operators of Sobey's in Kincardine.

      Here's a brief write-up I found on the tent business;
      Here's Tom's full website;

      They worked very closely with us to keep costs in-line with our budget, and did absolutely everything (setup, tear-down, clean-up, etc) without issue.

      1. We were planning on getting married in the Sauble area, I posted this thread last year, and there were some helpful recommendations:

        This site has a list of caterers in the area:

        Personally, I'm intrigued by Dos Rios in Paisley.

        We changed our plans and are now getting married in Kincardine, in June 2011. easterenderfoodie - where in Kincardine are you getting married out of curiosity? We've booked the Beach Pavillion.

        Because we postponed I haven't done much more investigating on caterers so would be interested in hearing any recommendations too.

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          Sorry - I didn't check this post for a while. We're getting married at the Pavilion as well. The date is only four months away, so I'm getting excited. We ended up booking the Harbour Street Brasserie as our caterer. We've heard great things about them and are going for a tasting next weekend, so I can let you know. Good luck with the planning!

          Harbour Street Brasserie
          217 Harbour St, Kincardine, ON N2Z2X9, CA

          1. re: eastenderfoodie

            hey eastenderfoodie, I'm about to book the pavilion, how was your wedding? were you happy with the venue & caterers? hope it was a blast, it is seemingly such a great spot.

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            hey camino,
            who did you end up booking with for a caterer? am just wrapping my head around getting married at the beach pavilion in July 2011. thanks, margaret

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              Hi margaret, sorry if this is too late to be useful, but we went with Delicious Dishes:
              Rebecca from DD had us to her farm for a tasting, everything was great... good local meat, salads, nibbles.

          3. I'm not sure how far they travel but the people at The Queen's Bush cafe in Mount Forest do catering. The phone number is 519-323-1718. They are a small, more high-end bistro that I have heard good reports about.

            1. I would suggest that you check out Delicious Dishes out of Wiarton. I suspect that she may travel over to Kincardine and does good and interesting food for a good price. I don't think they have a website but I have been at a number of event that they catered (not weddings) and was very happy.

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                thank you- we will check out Delicious Dishes and the Queen's bush. I also appreciate any other suggestions, keep em coming. Has anyone eaten or attended a function at the Cobble Beach golf course in Owen Sound? Any feedback on the food at this place would be most appreciated.