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Jan 30, 2010 05:09 AM

reports on Acquolina, Rome?

My favorite fine dinning restaurant in Rome, Il Convivio, reports on its website www[dot]ilconviviotroiani[dot]com a new restaurant under its management, Acquolina
www[dot]acquolinahostaria[dot]com. As its name suggests, seafood is the emphasis. It's far in the north, near the Milvian Bridge.

Anyone been there? Reports? Rumors? How does it compare to other fine dining seafood places in Rome?

Thanks beforehand.

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  1. I haven't been there yet but do hope to go. My only report is positive, from a very discriminating friend. It has a Michelin star and 79/100 from Gambero Rosso.

    It's not in the FAR north. It's on the north side of the city, but well within it. Tourists and guidebooks act as though anything farther than a five minute walk from the Pantheon or Piazza di Spagna is the suburbs, but that is erroneous.

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      Please let us know your judgement, mbfant, if and when you dine there.