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Jan 30, 2010 03:49 AM

Looking for Charlotte Restaurants

Will be visiting for about 2 weeks in about 2 weeks and looking for some good casual places to eat both lunch and dinner. We need one nice place for a special occasion dinner, but the rest I would prefer casual and moderate. Great weekday lunch suggestions also would be appreciated.

Sorry I don't know neighborhoods well, but I know that I will be spending half my time in the Ballantyne area in the south and the other half in zip code 28212 where I have never been before. Last time I was there was about 2 years ago and we went to Table and Gallery both in the Ballantyne area. I was perusing through Open Table and saw that Miro is in the Ballantyne area but could find no postings about it here. Any comments and thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Are you looking strictly for restaurants in the immediate area where you will be? If you are willing to visit other areas, these posts will provide lots of suggestions:

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      I will read these threads too, but really prefer not to go too far out of the immediate areas of where I will be staying. Thanks.

    2. Table closed about a year or so ago. Global, in Ballantyne, is a nice owner/operator, fine dining restaurant. The chef is French but he puts out "global" food, done well.

      Looks like 28212 is SE of downtown, off Independence. The plaza-midwood area is where you'll find some good eats. Lulu on Central ave is a favorite here, Soul Gastrolounge, The Penguin (cool diner pouring PBR's and serving up fried pickles and burgers). If ethnic is your thing, check out Dim Sum on Central and Taqueria La Unica also on Central.

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        Is Soul Gastrolounge still open? I checked their web site and it features Sunday May 20 Father's Day specials. For starters, Father's Day in in June. What gives?

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          It's still open. I guess they're just not good about keeping their site updated.

      2. 28212 is East Charlotte, but without knowing the major road(s) you'll be near, we could recommend something that would be inconvenient to get to (as far as lunches go). I'd go to South 21 if I were you - have a Fish 'o Burger (fried trout sandwich) if you like fish; if not have a burger or fried chicken plate. Whatever you get, make sure to include onion rings. Its a drive in, so its something different, cheap, and relatively quick.

        There is another restaurant on Independence called Fu-Lin. Indo-Chinese food, very very good. In a shopping center with some questionable establishments...but great food. I'm a big fan of the cauliflower dishes (chilli or Manchurian gobi, dry style).

        If you're off Albermarle Rd. or Sharon Amity, well there are plenty of Latin American joints. Woodlands on Albemarle is a vegetarian Indian restaurant that is excellent.Sadie's is a soul food place on Sharon Amity. There are a few Middle Eastern places sprinkled around.

        I'm trying mainly to think of lunch ideas, there are plenty of nice dinner suggestions on the boards.

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          sorry, i have no idea which major roads i will be near. could you tell me which ones are close by and i can ask the person i am staying with. hopefully she will know as she just moved down there herself. thanks.

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            If you'll be in zip code 28212, chances are you'll be off Albemarle Rd. or Sharon Amity Rd. Those are relatively easy to navigate; if you end up on Independence Blvd....well its halfway between a street and a limited access highway. Bring a GPS and hope that the maps are current!

            Ballantyne is fairly easy to get around, its basically a bunch of strip malls and office buildings connected by 2 main arteries - Johnston Rd. and Ballantyne Commons Pkwy.

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              I checked and yes she is near both Albemarle Road and Independence and lives right off Sharon Amity Rd. So any suggestions around those streets would be great. Thanks.

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                A few miles away at the corner of Sharon Amity and Providence is Eddie's Place. Very casual, breakfast served all day. Really good specials and delicious She Crab soup. The bartenders are great too.

        2. Check out Alexander Michael's in 4th ward. Great pub food and really beautiful historic neighborhood.

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            In the Ballantyne area:
            Big Daddy's for Burgers and stuff, Nikko for sushi, Blue Taj just opened or will open soon is upscale indian from the people who own copper
            Ilios Noche - greek/italian
            Cantina 1511 - mexican
            Miro is also great
            Lorenzo's Pizza

            1. re: Dnanana

              Had 14 courses at Blue Taj before the opening this week. There were three more coming but we pleaded "no mas".

              Think of it as Indian Fusion - if you think Indian you will be lacking but if you have an open mind you will be awed!

              Best dinner - Order the Chaat as an app (how many truly cold apps are there in Charlotte) mango, potatoes, black chick peas (who knew) in a cumin scented dressing. Then order the sea bass with the leek/mushroom "compote"

              This might be the best possible meal in Charlotte.

              Mr. Mel Oza is a genious !

              1. re: BDM1

                I read recently that they do not want to be known as fusion or multi-cuisine, but rather eccletic food. Indian does not seem to describe what dishes they mentioned on Helen Schwab's blog: chimichurri-rubbed chicken with a Provencal-style bean stew; Szechuan-inspired seafood medley with Oriental vegetables; and duck and mushroom taquitos with housemade pastry. Whatever the case, it sounds interesting. Lord knows we need something interesting down in this sea of corporate chains.


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              OP says: "but really prefer not to go too far out of the immediate areas of where I will be staying. Thanks."

            3. A great place to grab a sandwich in South Park area is Earth Fare grocery store, it is 2 blocks away from South Park mall on Colony & Sharon, You can take Rea Road from Ballantyne and it turns into Colony. They have a short order grill for burgers, chicken sandwiches for $1 extra you can get buffalo meat. They hand cut their french fries (and sweet potato too).

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                Also an earthfare in Ballantyne if that is where you will be