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Jan 30, 2010 03:19 AM

Paris Restaurant for 21st Birthday

Hi all--

I know there are tons of threads here about birthday restaurant recommendations, but mine is a little different. I'm not looking for a super-special, starred restaurant. I will be turning 21 on a Saturday, and I want to find a restaurant where I can go with kind of a large group (8 people), which won't be too expensive (we're study abroad students) and which is also a bar and/or near other bars (so maybe the 6ème, the Marais or Bastille areas?). I know gourmet is the specialty of this board, but I was hoping someone might have some insight, at least as to how I might begin looking.


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    1. re: souphie

      I second "Le café de l'industrie".
      On rue Guisarde in the 6th there are a couple of good simple eateries: Brasserie Fernand and Le Machon d'Henri. And rue Guisarde is full of bars. On rugby night, the street is mad.
      Esp with your large group, you know you must reserve for those small bistros.

    2. No recommendations but you brought back a sense memory of turning 21 in Paris. I was doing a studies abroad program in Italy and traveled to Paris by train. On my birthday, I had a drink at the Ritz (horrified when realized how much it cost!), Algerian food somewhere near the Seine on the left bank, and watched Rudolph Nureyev dance Swan Lake in the courtyard of the Louvre. Have a memorable birthday!

      1. You might want to check out some of the pubs in the Marais (St. Paul area); the Auld Alliance and the Lizard Lounge are two with decent food. Several other pubs are within walking distance.

        1. How about Louis Vins or Les Papilles downstairs?

          John Talbott

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              "Jeu de Quilles"
              Indeed, as usual, Soup is spot on, if you can expand it to ten, I'll bet you can have it to yourselves. But you gotta love meat, no tofu here, it's Desnoyer (next door) all the way.