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Jan 29, 2010 11:48 PM

Bunk -vs- Meat Cheese Bread

My wife loves sandwiches. Next to pizza, sandwiches may be her favorite type of food. We live in Salem but I am wanting to go to Portland and get some great sandwiches for a little outing. I think I have narrowed down my selection to either Bunk or Meat Cheese Bread.

Which do you prefer? Why do you like it better than the other? Are either of them worth the trip to Portland from Salem?

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  1. Both pretty awesome. Bunk is a bit more over-the-top. Neither place really specializes in the sort of sandwiches you'd want to take back to Salem or eat two hours later at a picnic (though doing so, or even microwaving, still leaves you with a better sandwich than most places I suppose).

    Visit their sites, the menus should pretty much tell the story. I love Bunk's breakfast sandwich (which Tommy Habetz also used to serve at Gotham Tavern) so much I don't know the rest of their menu as well as I should, while my favorite MCB sandwich is asparagus, hardboiled egg, parmesan and bacon aioli, which is probably not on the menu right now (until asparagus season).

    1. I work just about equidistant from both and...I like them both.

      Bunk's sandwiches are richer, bigger and about a dollar or two more (but they do come with chips, which they do not at MCB). There are not as many veggie choices at Bunk.

      MCB has lots of veggie choices and lots of meaty choices. They will also make most sandwiches into a salad, which is nice, because even though their bread is tasty and now made in-house, sometimes I don't want it and prefer some nice greens with say some turkey, bacon and havarti. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want a pork belly cubano from Bunk...or I order heartier at MCB like their Cuban pulled pork and jicama slaw or house smoked ham and gruyere with a soft cooked egg on a soft homemade herby roll.

      Because of the lighter nature of many of the choices at MCB, I tend to go there more often, but I do go to Bunk regularly. Maybe Bunk once a month and MCB 2-4x/month.

      Since you are from Salem, what I would do is go to both. No, seriously, they are close enough to walk and you have a car - get a couple of things at one and a couple at another. I recommend choosing at least one thing from each place that will keep better for later, since there will be leftovers. Both places do both breakfast sandwiches and have lunch options.