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Jan 29, 2010 11:16 PM

Prepping Bamboo Cutting Boards

I have a Totally Bamboo cutting board that I need to prep before I use it. Normally, for wood cutting boards, I could use something like mineral oil. But, for a bamboo cutting board, can you still use mineral oil or do you use something else?

The instructions on the Totally Bamboo cutting board say something about using their comapny's special Mineral Oil for cutting boards. I thought that this might just be a profitable marketing ploy for that compay but then I noticed in Sur La Table that they differentiated it as well- selling Bamboo Oil alongside Mineral Oil.

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  1. Mineral oil with bees wax is a very good mixture. Mineral oil alone is sufficient though. Those "special-exotic" mixtures sold by the makers may have additives like tung oil, walnut oil or even turpentine. Stick with mineral oil, less expensive and readily available at grocery and drug stores.

      1. Yes, I always use mineral oil on my Totally Bamboo board. It works very well.

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