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Jan 29, 2010 10:33 PM

Oh how this would have helped for my SD visit.

Hi all,
The day this San Diego Board went up I was on a plane coming back to Toronto from a week in your lovely city. I tried doing some eats research here before we left for SD but I found it too confusing sorting through all the other Ca. stuff as I've read some SDins have had as well, so I did it all on Yelp. Which I think was very helpful but I'm a chowhound through and through and would have loved to do it all here.

I think eats-wise my weeks 3 highlights were Cucina Urbana, La Fachada and Las Cuatro Milpas. I hope to be posting a more in depth review of all the eats I had when I have more time (will be a long post I think)

Thanks SD for a great week.

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  1. And yet another unbiased tourist comes away from our city having LOVED Las Cuatro Milpas. I'm so glad because there are so many CH who are always bashing it....I love talking to the enthusiastic people in line who love it and have gone there for YEARS! Thanks Tor.hound and I am looking forward to your indepth reviews of the other two...

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      1. Folks, we had to remove some posts about board hostility to newcomers. While we sympathize with your viewpoint (we want all Chowhounds to feel welcome), it's off topic for a regional board. If you want to have that discussion, please do it on the Site Talk board.

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          Don't you think such a helpful discussion better stays on the SD board ?

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            I agree. Some topics need to stay where they are started. Or just add a general discussion link to each city. That could work.