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Jan 29, 2010 04:59 PM

Provincetown Dead of me decide...

I'm heading to Ptown for a winter getaway with my husband Feb 26 - 28. I know that barely anything will be open. We plan to dine at the Mews on Saturday, but plans are up in the air for Friday. I've narrowed it down to Lorraine's, Ciro & Sal's, Fanizzi's, and Bayside Betsy's. We'll be arriving around 8 pm and ready to eat. I'm looking for something cozy but not too fancy. Leaning towards Lorraine's but would love to hear any advice anyone has for me. I have not been to any of these places. Thanks!

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  1. If you have the chance on your way in or out(Sunday breakfast maybe- GREAT pancakes and eggs benedict), stop at The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet- consistently excellent in the 5+ years we've been going. I don't think you will have much trouble finding dining options in Ptown- there seem to be more year- rounders than there used to be on the Cape in general.

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      Red Inn? Victors? Fanzini's for sure

      Also something I have yet to try and closes soon so hurry

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        I don't believe Victor's is open. My original plan was Jimmy's Hideaway but it closes before we arrive. So sad!

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          Fanizzi's is good. For a slightly nicer meal, how about Ross' Grill?

    2. A trip to Ptown has to include a dinner at Sal's Place. A family favorite of ours since we started going to Ptown in the 70's. We've gone every year we've been there. Casual atmosphere, popular with the locals, friendly staff. The steak pizzaiola and spaghettini carbonara are always excellent. Sal hasn't owned it since the late 80's, but the 'new' owners (since '89) have kept the tradition. Definitely worth a try.

      1. I haven't been to Lorraine's in years, so cannot comment. However, The Mews is my favorite restaurant in Ptown, so great choice for Saturday. Save Fanizzi's for lunch or brunch - the food is good, but the view of the water is amazing, so I prefer to go there during daylight! Ciro & Sal's is definitely cozy and the food is usually great, though I have had some issues with service in the off season. If it's open, Ross' Grill is great! Another option for casual but cozy is The Pig - locals place, on Commerical, pub food, live music sometimes.

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          I have THE DEFINITIVE answer for PTOWN dining.....

          It's called Front Street, it's half Italian, half seafood, (just like me) prices are very affordable, the veal dishes are fantastic the seafood is fantastic the tea soaked duck is fantastic, The shrimp scampi is fantastic and wine is way better than most similar places. The restaurant is owned by women, run by people who are always there year after year and you should make a res before you even leave for the cape, a week or 2 in advance.

          By way of contrast, and bear in mind I have good taste:)....Ciro and Sals which was great 30 years ago sucks now, bigtime, and that's not a controversial statement.

          Finally, the vibe in the room ( a basement siimilar to Ciro's but brighter and cleaner and nicer) is very positive, all the tables are always full and the smells/sounds/sights are just as they should be.

          You will never believe you are eating as well as you are for the money as you do at Front Street, and if I sound enthusiastic, it's because I am. I would LOVE to go there this very night...:)

        2. Thanks everyone for the advice so far. Unfortunately, many of these recommended restaurants (Front St, Ross' Grill) are closed for the season. I checked, which has a listing of what's open in the month of February. At this point I believe we may be leaning towards Lorraine's because it's closest to our B&B and we are arriving fairly late. Most places seem to close around 9ish so we'll need to make haste. I will be sure to follow up with a report!

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            Wow. You're right....Front Street is closed until May. Chalk that up as one great reason not to live in Ptown during the winter:)

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              Yeah, that 9:00 arrival time is tough in the middle of winter in Ptown. Lorraines might be ok--it's on the other side of town from our place, so we don't venture down that far when it's really cold. If you are driving, you may want to stop in Orleans before you get to Ptown--lots more places open year-round. A favorite of mine: Land Ho. Good luck and have fun, and I hope you enjoy your time in our little town at the very edge of the state!

              Land Ho Restaurant
              RR 6 Box A, Orleans, MA 02653

            2. I think Lorraine's is one of the better restaurants in town. Devon's is nice as well, but I'm not sure if it's open.
              I second the Squealing Pig (just the Pig now?) for fantastic pub grub. It's open year round for sure.
              Be sure to have a cocktail at the Mews, they're fantastic. Also, Wired Puppy is open and serves great coffee. Ptown is beautiful in the winter, enjoy!

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                The Mews is by far the best! I can't wait to go back this summer. Ciro and Sals is out. It is the most overpriced Italian I have ever been too and the food isn't that great. Fanizzi's is a place for daylight as one poster said. That leaves Lorraines and Bayside Betsy's. I have to say, even though it is casual, Betsy's is really my favorite for good comfort food. Lorraine's services can be a little snobby but that might be just during the summer.

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                  I am dying to try Jimmy's Hideaway...

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                  Hi there
                  Devon's is closed for the season, so is the Pig. Too bad--I have to wait until April for the curry fries! Wired Puppy is open; Mews is open and terrific.