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Jan 29, 2010 04:55 PM

Emma's Ale House

Upon the urging of about a half dozen people I went to Emma's Ale House today for lunch with my brother. It was a little later lunch than usual (1:30). I got there before my brother an stood in the doorway. Near the host/hostess stand. Five minutes went by and nobody asked me if I wanted a seat. My brother arrived and being that I only saw one waiter in the five minutes I was there and a full house, we opted for the bar. The bartender couldn't have been more accomodating.

Took a look at the menu and the first thing that struck me were the prices, but for good food, who cares. I did notice a lunch special of Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and grean beans for $20. My local deli makes this every day and it's $7 and the best I've ever had so I passed and went with what was suggested to me. We both had french onion soup to start. The soup was very salty, had barely no onions and very little bread, but the taste was not bad by any means. Just too salty. I've had better and had worse. We ordered "Emma's burger", which comes with shredded lettuce, a sliced of pickle and fries - $12 Each additonal toping was $1.50. So I got the one with bleu cheese & bacon. My brother got one with pepper jack, bacon and fried onions. He ordered his well, I ordered mine medium. Both came out perfectly cooked, which I'm finding is a difficult find when ordering medium rare these days. Mine appeared very juicy, but upon the first bite tasted like oil. My brother isn't as much of a foodie as me and said everything was alright. To me the burger had an average taste, but the oiliness really became a turn off. As I got to the end, the bun had totally disintegrated. I finished the burger, but the soggy fries were not not very good.

I don't get caught up on ambience, but if you want to know what it is iike...put the soudnup on your computer, visit their website and you'll get an idea. The noise is deafening. Total bill for two soups, two burgers, one beer and one soda $75 ( after $15 tip). In an out in 50 minutes though. Doubt I'll be back

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  1. just checked out their menu (that opening page is annoying) and I can't believe thier lunch entree prices...$29.00 for a strip steak, $25.00 for a pork chop, $27.00 for a Chilean Sea Bass and $21.00 for fish and chips, that's pretty pricey for a lunch menu. OK just checked the menu again and I guess they use the same menu for lunch and dinner, but still it seems overpriced for an Ale House. Also soggy fries are unforgivable.

    1. My issue with Emma's is that they are not good about honoring reservations. I know it is very hard to predict how long people may linger at a table but we have gone a number of times and without fail, each time, our 8 pm reservation ended being more like an 8:45 or later seating. The bar area isn't that comfortable to wait in now that there are even more tables shoved in.
      I enjoy certain things on the menu more than others but I don't enjoy the waiting!

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        I'm willing to wait for a great meal and actually prefer sitting or standing at the bar and having a drink before my meal, but I do realize for some people, who have babysitters or time constraints, it is a huge problem, especially with a reservation. A friend recently told me that he's never had anything bad there, but has stayed away from the bar food, because it is so costly. He said the braised short ribs are amazing. Maybe I'll have to try them before giving up on the place.

      2. I got a turkey burger and the bread was damp/soggy and hot as hell.
        I assume this was microwaved?

        1. Where is this place? Based on the comments I want to know, so I can avoid it!

          1. This couldn't have come at a better time. I've been looking for a different place to go and this came across my mind. I was saying I'll give it a try Sunday Evening. I did go to the web site and felt the same way about the menu and the prices. I was still thinking of going...but now.....thank you very much, there's no need for me to go there. I'm sure I could find someplace better that I can spend my hard earned money.

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              Not sure where you're heading, but near me you can't go wrong with Piper's Kilt, Stephen's Green, Quarry Inn (the Quarry on MainSt). The other burgers I think are must haves are Kelly's Sea Level inRye and Jake's Steakhouse in Riverdale is amazing. Bavefound a good Burger in White Plains.

              Piper's Kilt
              434 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709

              Kelly's Sea Level
              413 Midland Ave, Rye, NY 10580