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Jan 29, 2010 04:11 PM

Tuscan Grille

Beautiful build out, nice tables, great menu, but, it ended there, the menu got me excited, but the service depressed me, our server never brought us our bread, she asked if we wanted bread twice but never brought any, I ordered the Grilled Oysters,BBQ Onion Soup, and a Salmon and Tuna Tar Tar for apps, the Oysters missed the grill, they were gross, the BBQ Onion Soup was terrible, bad, bad, bad! and the Salmon and Tuna TarTar was missing the Salmon, and for $12 for Tuna TarTar you needed a magnifying glass to find the food, our entree was just O.K. I had a strip steak it was tender and flavorful, but they over cooked my "medium" strip, after we were done we waited 35 minutes for our check.

Not A Good First Time Experience, If I Go Back I Will Sit At The Bar!

Tuscan Grill
361 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453

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  1. Ten twelve years ago it was a great restaurant but after the owner, Jimmy Burke, moved on to open other restaurants, it really went downhill. Former chef now owns LaMorra in Brookline. You might enjoy eating there. We do.

    1. When we lived a block away 15 years ago we were too poor to go regularly, but it was phenomenal. Now that we live 20 minutes from there and could afford to go, there's no point. Service is awful and food has gone way, way downhill. So many better places to visit in Waltham.

      1. Thanks for the report. Enjoyed it a few times over the years, especially the bar seats at the kitchen.

        1. We visited Tuscan Grille recently (friends made the reservation). Service was abysmal.
          Our server introduced himself and recited the specials immediately upon seating us. He spoke 200 miles per hour...we had to bite our lips to fight back laughter. Menus were slow to arrive and a wine list even slower. Pastas arrived lukewarm. Waiter was nowhere to be found. Asking another server to get our server resulted in a blank stare. Water glasses were refilled only on request, with only half our party deserving more water..server walked away without refilling other glasses. At the conclusion of our meal, it couldn't be any clearer that if we weren't ordering dessert, we were unwelcome to sit, talk and finish our wine. Our check was thrown on to our table. Sorry, I haven't had this kind of experience in a "fine" restaurant...ever.

          1. I agree that Tuscan has gone way down hill. I never eat there anymore. I like La Campagne. BTW What is BBQ onion soup? That sounds so strange.