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Jan 29, 2010 04:03 PM

Ramen or Chinese Noodle shops in Atlanta?

Are there any decent ramen shops or Chinese noodle shops in the Atlanta area? For ramen, I'm thinking something like Santa Ramen in San Mateo or Ippudo in New York. Or for Chinese noodle shops, something like Nanzhou Hand-drawn noodles in Philly or your standard Cantonese wonton noodle shop. The chilly weather always makes me crave a good noodle soup...

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  1. If you are anywhere near Duluth then you should go to What the Pho on Pleasant Hill Rd, for the best Vietnamese soup ever! (try B2).
    Or go to Blue Fin Sushi for the best Ramen Soup ever! (also in Duluth)
    In Chamblee try Pho Hoa another Vietnamese noodle shop!
    Good luck!
    Good luck

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    1. re: ferihan

      ferihan, thanks for the suggestions! I'm pretty sure I will be making at least bi-weekly trips to hit up the Buford Highway Intl Market, so perhaps on some of those trips, I'll head north to Duluth to give those a shot.

      Re Pho Hoa, are you referring to the Pho Hoa restaurant in the Ranch 99 plaza? If so, do you have particular dish recs? My fiance and I stopped by a Pho Hoa in the Ranch 99 plaza and weren't that impressed with one of their pho's and bun's.

      1. re: fivefivefive

        No it is not in that shopping center that I know of. You are not talking about the one next to the Farmers Market on Buford that use to be Target?
        One other place you can get really good food like that is in the Assi shopping center that just opened. Try Lee's Pho Hoa huge serving, cheap and really good. The one I always get no matter where I go is the Beef broth with beef slices! Try also Korean soups especially if you like spicy and seafood!
        Good Luck!

        1. re: ferihan

          Pho Hoa at 5150 Buford Highway Northeast in Doraville is the one I'm referring to. It's in a plaza, where there is a Ranch 99 Chinese supermarket. Sorry if I wasn't clear before.

          Re Korean soups, I appreciate the suggestion, but I must say I'm looking specifically for Chinese noodle and Japanese ramen places. I'm a fan of jigae's and other Korean dishes and I realize there's a decently large Korean population in Atlanta, but I'm Chinese and Chinese noodle and Japanese Ramen noodle soups were always comfort food for me.

    2. For ramen, try Shoya, Haru Ichiban and Umaido. None quite as good as Santa, but all good.

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      1. re: biskuit

        There was a great article about Umaifo just published on Blissful Glutton's blog.

        1. re: stacystacy13

          biskuit and stacystacy13, thanks for the suggestions and the link. I'll be sure to try out those three when I get the chance.

      2. I would second Haru Ichiban for ramen. Most of their menu is quite good, reasonably priced for the quality, and the setting is nice, too. Their sushi is excellent.

        As for pho, I would send you to Pho Dai Loi on Buford Hwy. Pho Hoa changed hands awhile back and isn't any good anymore. A Vietnamese co-worker took me to Pho Dai Loi and I have never looked back.

        Crap, now I'm hungry.

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        1. re: happajin

          We've been going to Pho Dai Loi lately, too, and it's very good. Also, still like the pho shop by Hoa Binh and Penang at Chamblee Tucker and Buford (forgetting the name).