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Jan 29, 2010 03:11 PM

[SEA] Aurora Ave?

Help! I'm taking my 4-year-old to see Alvin & the Chipmunks (ugh) within the hour at the Oak Tree on Aurora. This is not my usual stomping ground. Any recs for a decent place to grab Chinese/Thai/Indian/whatever nearby afterward so I can regain my sanity? No high-pitched squeaky voices. Thanks.

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  1. I like Five Seasons Grill just south of OakTree. (9724 Aurora Ave N). They're a nice little Vietnamese place. There's also Twins Gardens across the street from Oaktree. They're more of a pan-Asian kind of place, decent if not exciting food.

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    1. re: creepygirl

      Thanks Creepygirl. Five Seasons was a fine choice. My daughter loved her Chicken Noodle Pho (as did I--great broth) and my rice special with egg, short ribs, Chinese sausage, and grilled shrimp was good too. We'll keep that one in mind for next time we see an appallingly bad kids flick at the Oak Tree.

      1. re: Finspot

        The only time I went there they had scented candles going! It smelled awful. Has that changed?

        1. re: christy319

          I've been there probably dozens of times in the last year and a half or so, and there haven't been any scented candles when I've gone.

          1. re: christy319

            No scented candles but they did have some weird Christmas music playing at the end of January.

          2. re: Finspot

            Great, glad you liked it. In addition to the rice special and the pho, my husband and I like their fried rice noodle dishes and their bun.