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Jan 29, 2010 02:10 PM

Restaurant for small work group (downtown)

I've gone through the archives, and am looking into some suggestions I got from that, but i also thought it may be useful to make my own post.

i've got to book 3 restaurants for 3 nights in April for the board of directors for my work (an international women's rights non-profit NGO). The last few meetings have been in Beirut and Mexico City, and have included some really great food/atmosphere, so I've got a challenge!

Looking for recommendations for restaurants:
-Downtown - preferably within walking or short taxi distance to Dundas and Spadina
-Around $15-35/person excluding alcohol.
-can accommodate group of around 15

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Food only or do you want a place where you can conduct a meeting?

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    1. re: Dimbulb

      Sorry that wasn't clear - this is for a restaurant only, for post-meeting socializing/eating/celebrating.

    2. Search this site for Ematai (Japanese), E-Pan (Chinese) and Bodega (French influenced).

      1. Yuzu at Adelaide and Duncan is good for groups and also has nice private rooms upstairs. Good for meetings and family parties. They can serve sushi and other kinds of Japanese food if not everyone likes sushi.

        1. Sidecar would be a short taxi ride from there and the food and service is wonderful. They have a prix fix menu for $25 from Sunday to :

          1. I think Torito would be a really good fit for one of your dinners. It hits all your criteria. You'll need to reserve but they can set up one long table for you upstairs. Veronica will be the perfect host for your group.

            If they ever end up taking reservations, even if just for large groups, I'd also add Guu to the list. Very unique and great food/atmosphere, though a bit outside your travel zone.

            I'll try and think of one more.

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              Thanks so much - I forgot about Torito, and also wasn't sure how big it was.