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Jan 29, 2010 01:36 PM

Delivery in Memphis

My sister-in-law just had twins, and I wanted to have some food delivered to the house. I'm in Los Angeles, so I have no idea where to begin! Any ideas for good food that could be saved and re-heated for a couple of days?


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  1. sorry for the delay but if italian, try garibaldis or frank grisantis at embassy suites

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        This may be a little late but I really like Lucchesi's for delivery. They do italian and can deliver a hot meal or you can get several pastas/sauces frozen. I've had them do a hot meal that included salad, pasta, bread, and dessert and I've also ordered enough frozen pastas/sauces for 3 meals for those people who might not need something immediately but could use the help for future meals. I think the delivery charge was $20 last time I used them. Super friendly people who'll definitely steer you in the right direction!

      2. A lot of places have specific areas they deliver to. What part of town is your SIL in?

        1. regarding restaurants, Frank Grisantis at the embassy suites prepare bulk items as does Garibaldis (both of course are italian)

          Grisanti's Restaurant
          1022 S Shady Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120

          1. We actually ended up using Fork It Over Catering. I can't comment as to whether or not the food was good, as I wasn't there to eat it! But my relatives told me that they enjoyed it, and the woman who runs the business was really awesome to work with!