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Jan 29, 2010 01:23 PM

restaurants in Victoria/Vancouver with dog friendly patios

I can't tell you how many restaurants I have contacted in Victoria and Vancouver, trying to find a few which will allow us to have our dog at our feet on a patio while we dine. It's easier to find tables outside for lunch but to have a nice dinner is sounding rather impossible (we do not want to leave her in a locked car and a strange baby sitter is not an option either). Short ot take out, do you have any suggestions for us?

So far the only 3 for dinner in Vancouver I have found:
Dockside(Granville island Hotel)
Don Francesco (860 Burrard)
Quattro on 4th--2611 w. 4th Ave

The short list for Victoria:
Pagliacci's-110 Broad St
Sauce Bar and REstaurant-1245 Wharf St

Any ideas would be so helpful. We'll be in each city 3 nights. Thanks

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  1. We've had this discussion on this board before... and I hate to say it, but dogs are not allowed on patios in Vancouver (and I imagine Victoria). There might be some spots that will look the other way, but health officials aren't going to be so kind.

    Try to find spots with patios where you can leash your dog within reach on the outside of the patio fence. It happens all the time in the city, but actually allowing dogs into the patio area is not legally permitted.

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    1. re: peter.v

      I was told by Dockside (Granville Island Hotel) than we could sit on the patio next to the edge rail, with our dog on the other side on the grass. This is ok with me. But finding this type of set up seems impossible. Other than walking around, how could I find patios with a tie up next to the rail?

      1. re: JudyDenver

        Yaletown and Commercial Dr has a lot of patios that are dog friendly (unofficially of course). Of note are places like Milestones, Yaletown Brewpub...and over on Commercial Dr - Fets and Stella's.

        1. re: JudyDenver

          Sorry Judy, I came across awfully rude in that post! Must have just gotten off of work!

          Like the subsequent posters have said, a lot of restaurants have patios out and leashing a dog to the patio beside your table is incredibly commonplace as a ways to circumvent the patio law.

          A couple of options for you that are definitely dog friendly in Victoria and Vancouver are the two excellent fish and chips shacks on the waterfronts. Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria right beside the Harbour Air Terminal and Go Fish in Vancouver which is at Fishermans Wharf on False Creek right by Granville Island. They are busy spots, but are both quintessential west coast experiences. (Oh dear, after typing this up, just realized RFBF has been mentioned already!) Regardless, best of luck. I'll keep an eye out for choice patios for you and your dog!

      2. Altro Buca in the west end has a great patio where you can tie your dog the railing. Only problem is that patio is only open in summer.

        1. Judy:

          We and our two goldens have been "indulged" by Il Paradiso at the foot of Bastion Square off Wharf during our visits to Victoria.

          Good coffee. Decent selection of pastries, panini's and small meals.

          1. Re Victoria:

            There is no patio at Pagliacci's so I'm not sure where your dog would sit. I don't think there's one at Sauce either but I never go there so I am not certain.

            As other posters have stated, this is a health bylaw, not a restaurant policy. I am a dog owner and lover too so I hate it, but there are a few places that are less likely to be noticed by the health inspector... I would think that going outside of downtown would be your best bet. Also tying your dog up just outside the patio would work, but again only if you don't attract the inspectors' attention.

            I would suggest:

            Nar (Turkish resto in Oak Bay) - has a large patio and it's outside of town
            Sabha Thai (Sidney) - also has a large patio and is outside of town
            Red Fish Blue Fish - if it's open (it might not be, depending on when you will be here), it's on a dock and totally open to the air - not technically a restaurant so they can't stop you from having a dog there
            De'Lish (cafe in Oak Bay) - has a patio with a dog tie up just off the patio and a bowl of water; the owners will also bring your dog a cookie
            Cafe Brio - excellent fine dining downtown, with a patio - but I personally wouldn't be very comfortable tying my dog up there since it's right downtown
            Lucy's in the Square - in Fernwood; you could tie dog up outside and sit in the window to watch him/her
            Pizzeria Primastrada - in Cook St Village; same as Lucy's, you could tie dog up outside and watch through window.

            Both Fernwood and CSV are very dog friendly places, and just outside of downtown.

            Enjoy your visit to Victoria!

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            1. re: victoriafoodie

              Unfortunately our dog has Addison's disease . Because she is unable to deal with stress, fear or excitement, I cannot tie her up and walk away (even if I can see her from an inside table). The reason she travels with us (other than we enjoy her company!) is that she cannot be kenneled and I have not found anyone I trust to manage her special needs to stay in our home.

              I know that one meal of deep fried fish will be enough for the entire trip (such as Red Fish Blue Fish) I would love to find different restaurants other than the burger/asian choices. For lunch we can always find a sandwich but dinner will be difficult. If we are out of town,as you suggest, we could lock her in the car if I can see her from inside. She is very comfortable in the car but I am the one with a fear of her being stolen . This idea might be our only option for Victoria.

              Ever hear of Paprika on Estevan Ave? We might be able to park close to the restaurant. What about Canoe Brew Pub?

              In Vancouver, we are staying at the Westin Bayshore in the West End. L'Altro Buca is VERY close. It would be ideal if she could be tied up next to the rail from us. I wrote to the restaurant to ask.

              We won't be in the area until next summer. I will definitely make a list of all of your suggestions. Thanks so much.

              1. re: JudyDenver

                Oh, yes, Paprika is wonderful! And you can park right outside the restaurant for sure. There is another restaurant next door called the Village Cafe that serves amazing breakfasts.

                Canoe Brew Pub is another option with a large patio. I hadn't thought of it because it's winter now and the patio is closed :)

                There are a couple of tables outside at Pizzeria Primastrada, come to think of it. I don't know but I suspect Lucy's in the Square may also put some tables outside during summer.

                Bless your poor little doggie's heart. She sounds very well loved.

                1. re: victoriafoodie

                  Thanks for giving me so many options. I thought finding upscale hotels which accept dogs was challenging, but finding memorable dinner restaurants has become my new mission. At least I have 6 months to work on this project!

                  What about Spinnakers? We're staying at the Laurel Point Inn and we could take a ferry (which accepts dogs!) across to the restaurant and avoid driving. I know they have some dog friendly rooms. I wrote to them.

                  1. re: JudyDenver

                    Spinnakers is nice (good brews made on-site) - but the patios are accessed through the resto - so might be hard with the dog (and the parking lot is near the entrance while all the seating faces the water. If you're on the Laurel Point side - check-out Superior Bistro - close enough to walk with a really nice courtyard/patio. Very busy place - lots of small plates and live music. More bustling than fine-dining though.

                    1. re: cassie

                      The location of the Superior Cafe is ideal--so close to the Laurel Point. I just sent the owner an email to ask if they would allow us to tie the dog up near us. If so, this restaurant would be the answer to my prayers!

                2. re: JudyDenver

                  In the summertime you'll have plenty of options: Yaletown, Commercial Dr, Granville Island, Gastown, Coal Harbour, Main St, Cambie St restaurants will have their patios set up and running. I can give you more specific recs.

                  1. re: fmed

                    For the basic burger or Asian dining, I doubt we would need reservations but the upscale places, I always feel more comfortable knowing we have a space reserved. I don't want to spend our day shopping for a place to eat (it would be very time consuming walking in and out of restaurants asking for them reserve a table outside next to the rail) So I would like to communicate in advance..

                    If you could give me some specific names, I could contact them in august ( we won't be in Vancouver until next September!). I like to plan in advance....L'Atro Buca sounds great and so close to the WEstin Bayshore. Keeping my fingers crossed their patio set up works out for the dog.

                    1. re: JudyDenver

                      In Yaletown, you can get a basic burger at the Yaletown Brewpub. Here's a Google Streetview (I hope this works):


                      On Commercial Dr: Stella's (once again for basic gastropubish-burger food. Good selection of Belgian Beer):


                      In Gastown: The Alibi Room

                      None of these places are high-end, by any means.

                      1. re: fmed

                        They all look like possibilities. I must admit that I wouldn't get excited about pub food every night but that sounds better than eating a boring sandwich in a park. Thanks for your great effort. The photos did work and it's comforting to see the sidewalk seating.

                  2. re: JudyDenver

                    Hey Judy -- if you are keen on L'Altro Buca I'd call early during service if you don't get a reply. They're better on the phone...

                    1. re: grayelf

                      I added L'Altro Buca to my short list of choices and will call when the time gets closer if they do not answer my email. It's so close to the Westin Bayshore. This restaurant would be my first choice. Have you ever seen dogs tied to a patio rail?

                      1. re: JudyDenver

                        "Have you ever seen dogs tied to a patio rail?"

                        All day/every day it's SOP here.

                    2. re: JudyDenver

                      Judy - off the food topic - I have a friend who's a dog-sitter. Contact me if you want her name while you're in Victoria. She can doggie-sit for a few hours while you dine somewhere.
                      Also - Aura, at the Laurel Point, is a very nice restaurant too.

                      1. re: cassie

                        We're staying at the Laurel Point but they are very specific that dogs cannot be close to their patio. Thanks for the baby sitting offer of your friend. I'll keep your email.

                  3. hey everyone,
                    not sure if this thread is still relevant, but I just found this: