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Jan 29, 2010 01:12 PM

Dog friendly restaurant patios around Seattle

My husband, dog and I will be in Seattle for a few days, staying at the Woodmark in Kirland. I have been searching and searching for restaurant which will allow our dog on their patio. So far, my very short list consists of, Cactus (Kirkland), Madison park Cafe in East Seattle, The Pink Door downtown and Lombardis. Any more ideas?

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  1. Try and search the old Pacific Northwest board, there was a thread there awhile ago. Legally, dogs are not allowed w/ in the framed patio where food is served in Seattle, but some places are fairly tolerant, or have an easy way for your dog to be on the other side of a boundry from the tables.

    Try Maggie Bluff's (magnolia) and the Loft in Ballard.

    1. Norm's in Fremont allows dogs in to the restaurant/bar

      Norm's Eatery & Ale House
      460 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103

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        1. You mean in summer, right? Because most places with patios don't open them until the weather is warm.

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            Yes, we aren't going on our trip until the beginning of September. The month long road trip has become so complex, I started early making hotel reservations in Cannon Beach, Or, Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle.

            Our dog has Addison's disease which means she cannot deal with stress of any kind, no fear or excitement. I have seen her go into shock once and that was completely terrifying. We are unable to leave her at home and feel it is best for her to be with us. Although we enjoy her company, her presence does create compromises for us--no fine dining for us. She could not be tied up away from us while we eat inside of a restaurant. If we found a patio where we could tie her up out of the rail and we sat next to her, I think she would be ok.

            Do you know anything about Lombardi's at 2200 n.w. Market St in Seattle?

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              If you make it to Leavenworth, South allows dogs on the patio, but it only open in good weather.

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                Good to know about South. I wish that restaurant was in Spokane--I got some very rude comments when I posted about patio rail/dog options in that city!

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                  Poor doggy. Lombardi's has been around for years but I've never heard good things about the food. I haven't been, though. Nearby is Bastillw which has a wonderful patio--you might call and ask if your dog could be on the edge. La Isla is also nearby and terrific and worth a call with the same question.

                  1. re: christy319

                    I will certainly add these choices to my short list and delete Lombardi's. I have also learned that Elliott's has outside seating (but no reservations for patio). It's possible to tie the dog up next to us outside.

                    Any comments about Elliott's--I do NOT eat oysters but I presume they must have other good seafood choices. I'm so it's rather touristy but then we are!

          2. Judging from the commotion I heard while walking by last night (yes, February in Seattle...patio dining!) Bing's in Madison Park ("East Seattle") does. Sound of growling and barking, followed by shouts of, "Why is it always the little dogs?!"

            1. A lot of bars around town interpret the law (which is a little vague) liberally. I'm not sure how they get away with it. If I understand correctly, food servers are not allowed to make a patron prove that their animal is a service animal (this is second had from the bar tender at Murphy's in Wallingford, which allows dogs in the restaurant).

              As a result of the vague(ish) law, you have a number of places (as discussed in this thread) seem to do fine as long as their food prep areas are clearly separated from anywhere an animal might get. I'm sure enforcement varies from inspector to inspector. You can read the actual statute here

     (6-501.115 Prohibiting Animals


              Most places let you get away with tying up your dog outside the patio. There are a number that will let dogs on the patio and a few that will let you bring your dog in the restaurant. Norm's is great although the number of dogs in there will stress your dog out pretty badly. Murphy's doesn't have dogs as frequently.