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Jan 29, 2010 12:27 PM

plan my menu

having aprox 50 people for a birthday open house....called for 8:30pm....what to serve? trying to stay away from food that i need to keep hot.....

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  1. We have a pot luck dock party every summer and I always bring a large ham. I heat it up prior and then set it out with fancy mustard and pickles.

    1. Cheese tray
      Marinated veggies
      Thinly sliced beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce or Henry Bain sauce, buns
      birthday cake

      1. Crockpot (s) of some soup, Chili or stew...nice crusty bread

        A large Cheese / Veggie and Pate tray

        The large ham with rolls and condiments is a winner also

        if you are in a seafood friendly area and the price is right, stone crabs or shrimp cocktail ~ I do a nice cocktail that is wrapped in prosciutto, seared and served with a drizzle balsamic glaze (served room temp)

        Chocolate Fondue with assortment of fruit and cake for dipping

        And keep small bowls of munchies out, nuts, chex mix or something like that , mixed olives, chips...etc...

        And Birthday Cake of course ...Happy Birthday...remember, cake without guilt!! I just celebrated my 40th and will throw a big party in 2 weeks for it so I understand keeping it some what easy, but yet still nice for your guests>