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Jan 29, 2010 12:19 PM

Commander's Palace and Galatoire's

Hello all! I'm in New Orleans for the next few weeks and would like to try both of these New Orleans institutions. I'd prefer to have dinner at one and lunch or brunch at the other. What would you guys and gals recommend I do?

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  1. I think you should have dinner at Galatoire's and Saturday or Sunday brunch at Commander's Palace.

    1. Definitely dinner at Galatoire's.

      1. Lunch during the week at Commander's comes with $0.25 martinis with the luncheon entree. If you spend more than $0.50, take a cab home.

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          What would you recommend ordering for lunch at Commander's?

          1. re: ajh05004

            I love the seafood bisque, others here swear by the turtle soup (which I don't eat). I once had a crawfish strudel there that was seriously one of the best things I've ever had.

            And the bread pudding souffle is out of this world.

            1. re: ajh05004

              for apps, I like their Oyster & Absinthe “Dome” and the
              Shrimp and Tasso Henican.
              get some turtle soup.
              and finish off w/bread pudding souffle and if they have it, the chocolate molten (just make sure it comes out hot)

              or, just order off the specials if something there interests you.

              be careful w/the .25 martinis, as they will also offer special martinis of the day that will NOT be .25

              1. re: ajh05004

                I would start off with the three soups, small portions of usually the soup of the day, a gumbo and turtle soup (I like mine with lemon, not sherry). I also love the Shrimp Henican for another app. The daily luncheon menu is alwasy filled with interesting entrees and if soft shell crabs are on the menu, definitely get them. For dessert, I love the Praline Parfait and my $0.25 martini of choice is the Cosmo. Could make an entire meal on the garlic bread alone. It will all be delcious!

                1. re: TaTee

                  Well thanks to everyone for all the advice. I'm heading to Commander's for lunch tomorrow and having dinner at Galatoire's Thursday night. I'll report back with my results.

            2. Just spread it out. My parents are visiting soon and I told them I didn't know if trying to visit both in one weekend was excessive or impressive.

              1. Brunch at Commander's; dinner at Galatoire's. Not on the same day.