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Lefteris in Mount Kisco

I love the Lefteris in Tarrytown, but it is always packed and the ambience is diner-like. How does the Mt Kisco place compare? I'm sure the food is the same, but what about the ambience and the crowds?

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  1. I like it. Seems to be pretty busy and the food is good.

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    1. imho tarrytown food is mediocre

      1. I recently had lunch with a group of co- workers at Lefteris in Mt. Kisco. The ambiance is more restaurant-like and I honestly thought the food was better, same sucky service though.

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          i think these are "good for westchester" restaurants but not particularly good.

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            Agreed, I stated that I thought the food was better at the Mt. Kisco location. I was comparing the food at the two restaurants. I personally prefer Santorini for local Greek, DH prefers Lefteris.

        2. There's definitely a lot more breathing room, that's for sure! I like it. The ambience is very relaxed, and family friendly. Even when it's packed, it's not too cramped. Also you'll feel much less rushed in Mt. Kisco, which is a huge plus.

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            After my experience in their Tarrytown location, I won't even try their location in Mount Kisco. We ordered a greek salad and a hummus dip to share ,upon taking just one forkful our entrees arrived (I would like to have at least come close to finishing the salad) . When the waitress put our entrees on the table she asked if we were having dessert , I said you have to be kidding she left and after 5 minutes returned and said she was sorry but that the boss was watching her and he wants to clear the tables as soon as possible for the people that were waiting. I told her that all I wanted when I was FINISHED with my entree was the check. Would never go to any of their locations.

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              Your experience (sorry to hear it!) is why I haven't been to the Tarrytown location in over a year.

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                i havent been back in many years, not bcause of service, but because of bad food

          2. I'm really surprised by the negative reviews! I've never been to the Tarrytown Lefteris but I've visited the Mount Kisco one with both family and friends on separate occasions multiple times.

            Today I went for lunch with my mother. She got a lentil soup that was so flavorful and delicious. I got the gyro platter which I shared with my mother. It came with a large greek salad with huge chunks of feta and a very nice dressing. I was ordering quickly and thought I had ordered a gyro sandwich platter. When the waitress saw that I was a little disappointed that it was just a platter of meat, tzatsiki, and pita without all the veggies, she brought me out a huge warm pita with salad and tomatoes, for no extra charge. She was incredibly patient, sweet, and helpful, not hesitating to tell my mother honest opinions about each soup option. My platter was 12.95. I think for the huge amount of food you get, it's a great deal, a nice place for friends and family to gather.

            Don't waste time on the fries when there are other options

            Lefteris Gyro Two
            190 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

            1. The service is prompt and almost to the point of overbearing even when almost empty. They are interested in feeding you and turning the table as quickly as possible. Most folks want to eat and get back to their other activities. If you've never eaten there before they are very patient explaining the menu.

              If you are 3 or 4 one can almost always get a nice table on the side near the windows. If you're one or 2 and it's a meal time you'll be in the center of the room close to other diners. The place is sunny and open with closely spaced tables. Families are to be expected because it's cheap and fast. All in all I think it's a great value and there is no need to rush, just tell the waiter right up front you're not in a hurry.

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                Reminds me of the Yogi-ism, " Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded!". Lol. The owner of Lefteris is laughing all the way to the bank. But I think it's a matter of expectations, this is, after all, a reasonable casual place. Always packed. I find Santorini (Sleepy Hollow) very uncomfortable...

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                  Both my husband and I love dining at this restaurant. The gyros are the best, great salad, and most importantly service. I agree with the last reviewer that the hostess/owner will always seek the best table for you - and offer for you to wait for the next table of your choice. If noise is a problem, go to Le Chateau. Take out at lunch is quick and easy. I highly recommend this restaurant.


                  Le Chateau
                  RR 35, South Salem, NY 10590

                  Lefteris Gyro Two
                  295 E Main St # 190, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

                2. The Tarrytown location serves some of the worst Greek food I have ever had in the US. If you eat outdoors, expect to have your ears blasted by passing trucks. Not tempted at all to make the trip north.

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                    Are we sure they are related? I have never been to the Tarrytown location but I've been back to the Mount Kisco Lefteris twice. I brought guests from out of town and we had a wonderful evening, great service (I agree with the can be attentive to the point of pushy- but I think this is because a lot of dinners are headed to movies, have young kids, etc). Everyone agreed the food is great, especially for the price. I do have to say, I decided to get a shrimp kebab and the shrimp were not that flavorful but honestly, what was I doing straying beyond the dependable soups and gyros. I just can't believe that it's connected to a place that serves some of the "worst Greek food" ever. I think this compares to Greek food I had in greece at similar places (loud, crazy, full of families)

                  2. I went to the Lefteris in Mt Kisco recently, and it is a bit nicer, ambiance wise, than Tarrytown. The food is about the same, and I like the food a lot. Good choices, good quality. Stick with the simple stuff and they are very good, the salads and the gyros/souvlakis.

                    1. menu and food are the same. one of our favorites. Mt Kisco is less claustraphobic.

                      1. The trucks are no different than the trucks and busses in the city, something you deal with while dining outside.( bugs too)